What Does Your Taste in Cats Say About You?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Picture by Tambako the Jaguar/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are lots and lots of ways to get to know how others see you. However, internal research around the office has given us a sneaking suspicion that getting to know your tastes in cats is the best possible way. Knowing what you really think about the feline species will give away more about you than you might imagine. 

Whether you prefer cats with long hair, short hair, or no hair at all, can give away clues about your personality and your lifestyle. Most interestingly, the choices you make about the cats in this quiz will help us to see the traits that your friends and family have grown to know and love. 

Throughout this quiz, we will ask you every question we can think of about cats. From the big ones that live in the jungle to the cat currently sleeping on your keyboard, the things you like and dislike about the cat kingdom will speak volumes about you. Once you see our question, try to choose the response that you would actually think, do, or are most like in your everyday life. 

After we've finished, we'll let you know what the world sees in you. What does your cat love say about you?

How do you feel about Sphinx cats?

What do you like most about cats?

Which of the big cats is scariest?

Do you like Hemingway cats?

Which odd pet would you most like to have?

What would you give a cat as a treat?

How do you feel about dogs?

What do you think cats dream about?

Which cartoon cat is the funniest?

Do you prefer short hair or long hair on cats?

What kind of food would you feed a cat?

How do you feel when you make a cat purr?

Do you have any cats?

Which farm animal is most entertaining?

Which breed of cat do you think is smartest?

Do you nap as often as a cat?

Which cat age do you prefer?

What do cats do that you envy?

What is your favorite part of a cat's anatomy?

Which cat toy looks like the most fun?

Where do you prefer cats sleep?

If cats had a day job, what would it be?

Would you wear a cat Halloween costume?

If you were a cat, which bird would you want to eat?

How would you describe a cat's attitude in one word?

Should cats be allowed to go outdoors?

Where should a litter box be kept?

What is the most annoying thing about cats?

If you found a stray cat, what would you do?

What do you like most about kittens?

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