What Does Your Eye Makeup Say About You?

By: Amanda M.
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From the moment Cleopatra lined her eyes with kohl, people all over the world have been using various materials to change their appearance. What does your eye makeup say about you?

When you are putting on your eye makeup, what physical asset do you want to emphasize?

Which Disney character has eye makeup similar to yours?

If you were given the task to individualize the iconic cat eye makeup, what would you do to change it (if anything)?

Aside from eye shadow, what is one cosmetic you will need to achieve your desired eye makeup style?

Which makeup tool would you need to use to get your desired eye makeup style?

Do you have more matte or shimmer eyeshadow?

Would you consider your eye makeup more of a day or night look?

Do you like your eyeshadow to be loose or packed?

You've been invited to a party. What kind of dress do you think would work well with your eye makeup?

Which celebrity's eye makeup do you try to emulate when you apply yours?

If you were given the task to individualize a smoky eye makeup, what would you do to change it (if anything)?

When you are getting ready for Halloween, what costume would work great with your eye makeup style?

If you needed to, what kind of false eyelashes would you use?

Why would you use false eyelashes?

What color mascara do you usually wear?

What was your biggest influence in selecting your style of eye makeup?

Which musical matches your eye makeup style the closest?

If you were given the task to individualize a shimmer makeup, what would you do to change it (if anything)?

Urban Decay has come up with really fun names for their products. Which of these color names sounds closest to something you'd wear?

If you were given the task to create an avant-garde makeup, what would you do?

How much blush do you think you'll need to emphasize your eye makeup?

What fictional creature can be used as inspiration for your eye makeup style?

Does your eye shadows have a color palette?

Which cosmetic brand do you think has the best colors?

Which type of lipstick do you usually wear with your eye makeup?

What are you trying to say about yourself when you wear your eye makeup?

Everyone has had mistakes when executing their perfect eye makeup. What is one of yours?

How long do you want to spend on the application of your eye makeup?

What eye makeup style do you hope this quiz points you to?

One of your cosmetics stores is having a sale! Which of these items do you make sure to stock up on?

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