What Do Your Favorite Fragrances From Your Teenage Years Say About You?

By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Let's take a fragrant trip back the the beauty and fashion of your teenage years! Back when you were a wide-eyed teenager, did you prefer scents that let everyone know when you walked in the room - or were you more into something so Baby Soft only your crush could smell it when they got close? Let's go back to the middle school or the high school version of you, and we'll be able to tell you something about yourself! 

Your teenage scents tell us a lot about how you saw yourself during those formative high school years. You might have preferred floral tones, or you might have preferred more earthy smelling aromas back then, and we think it will tell us a lot about your personality. Would an introvert walk into a room smelling like they had a long bath in a giant bottle of Drakkar Noir? If they were nervous about a date, it's possible. For the most part, the way chose to smell back in your formative years will let us in on one of your most sincere and perhaps subconscious personality traits. 

Let's jump in the way back machine and find out what makes you so special! 

Which flower do you think smells the best?

Do you use essential oils?

Which fragrance do you like the most now?

Where did you get your fragrances when you were a teenager?

Did you use a little or a lot of perfume in your teenage years?

Where do you apply the most fragrance?

Which shampoo scent would you have used back then?

Which word best describes your current favorite scent?

Do you like the smell of baby powder?

Which Bath & Body Works scent would your teenage self have chosen?

Did you know anyone who wore Drakkar Noir?

How do you feel about vanilla scented things?

Which pumpkin spice scented product would you use most often?

Which fragrance are you most likely to give as a gift?

Do you still wear the same fragrance now?

Which Juicy Couture ingredient do you think smells the best?

Do you prefer floral scents or more savory scents?

Which fruit would make the best fragrance scent?

Which celebrity fragrance would you have liked most in high school?

Have you ever tried Chanel No 5?

Which scent would you add to your own fragrance brand?

Did you like berry scented fragrances in high school?

Which Lipsmackers flavor did you wish was a fragrance?

Did you spray your clothes with a fragrance when you were a teenager?

Do certain smells make you nostalgic for your teenage years?

Did your high school sweetheart wear fragrances a lot?

Which word would describe your current taste in fragrances?

Did you like the smell of mint when you were a teenager?

Which of Beyoncé's fragrances would you have liked most in high school?

Did you like Tommy Hilfiger scents?

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