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Travel back in time to the 1860s with the Wild West, cowboys, and outlaws. With bar fights, boxing matches, and daily mischief, there is never a dull moment with these men.

The characters on "Rawhide" are on one continuous _________.

A cattle drive is when men move a heard of cattle from one location to another. This is usually done by cowboys on horses.

The aftermath of the _____________ is a backdrop of the show.

The American Civil War happened in the United States from 1861 to 1865. It was a war that pitched the Northern states (Yankees) against the Southern states (Confederacy).

The opening theme, "Rawhide," is performed by _______.

Frankie Laine had a 75-year career that began in 1930 and ended with his last concert in 2005. His last TV theme song was "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo" from 1979 - 1981.

The men on the cattle drive have to worry about the cattle being stolen by cattle rustlers and __________.

The Comancheros were traders in New Mexico who traded with the Indians in the area. Comancheros earned their name from being the Comanche's favorite trading partner.

"Rawhide" is based on what 1958 movie?

"Cattle Empire" is a 1958 film about a man, fresh from prison, who goes on a cattle drive. It starred Joel McCrea as John Cord.

Who is the cattle drive's cantankerous cook?

George Washington Wishbone makes some fine fixings on the show. However, when the drovers have a bad day, they take it out on Wishbone and his cooking.

Who plays scout Pete Nolan?

Wooley began his career on screen by playing Kay Rawlins in the 1950 film, "Rocky Mountain." His last appearance was in 1990 playing Billy Ray Parker in "Murder, She Wrote."

A diary written in 1866 by trail boss _____________ shaped the character of Gil Favor.

George C. Duffield was a drover from Iowa who wrote a diary about the hardships he encountered on a cattle drive in 1866. The drive went from from San Antonio to Sedalia.

Which of the main characters delivers the monologue at the beginning of most episodes?

After the theme song played, Gil's voice piped up with that episode's monologue. The monologue usually consisted of what was happening on the cattle drive.

A frequent storyline on "Rawhide" involved finding _______ for the cattle.

There was a constant need to find water for the cattle. The scout spent most of his time looking for water as rivers and water holes had dried up.

Which character spent time in a federal prison camp during the Civil War?

At 16, Yates joined the Confederate States Army. The Confederate States Army was the boots on the ground for the Confederate States of America.

Robert Culp played a former soldier who joined the guys on a section of the drive and developed a dangerous addiction to __________.

Morphine is an addictive opiate that is found naturally in some plants and animals. It works on the central nervous system to lessen pain.

When Lon Chaney Jr. guest stars, his character tries to convince Gil Favor and his men to join the ___________.

Gil Favor also served in the Confederate States Army. This is why the character played by Lon Chaney Jr. wanted him to be a part of the "New Confederacy of Panama." Gil shot him down.

The crew worries that a sick Rowdy Yates has the ______.

The Plague is an infectious disease that is caused by the bacteria Y. pestis. The Plague can be spread by air and, rarely, by touch. How fast it spreads depends on the surrounding sanitary conditions and the conditions of the lungs of people already infected.

Who plays the hard-nosed trailboss Gil Favor ?

Eric started his acting career by playing Major Dell Conway in the first few episodes of the 1951 series, "Major Dell Conway of the Flying Tigers." He died in 1966 while shooting a scene for a project in Peru.

The cattle drive's destination is _________.

Sedalia is located in Missouri and was founded in 1857 by General George Rappeen Smith. The Osage Indian Tribe occupied the land in the early days.

Gil Favor has two daughters named ______ & ________.

Gillian is played by Candy Moore who made an appearance in two episodes. Barbara Beaird played Maggie and also appeared twice in the show.

Gil Favor's worst moment in the cattle drives happens when the herd ______________.

The cattle go over the cliff in the "Lost Herd" episode. Favor tries to beat another herder to town to get better prices and his shortcut does not pan out.

Who replaces Wooley as the scout?

Clay Forester is played by Charles H. Gray. Charles' first credited appearance was in 1956 as Officer Edwards in the "Highway Patrol" TV series.

Gil Favor and Pete Nolan feel shame for killing so many Confederate soldiers in the __________.

The Battle of Fredericksburg was fought from December 11 to 15, 1862 in the state of Virginia. Nolan and Favor were part of the Confederate Army on Marye's Heights.

Who plays the young troublemaker Rowdy Yates?

Clint Eastwood has had a long and very successful career. His first credited appearance was in 1955 as an orderly in the TV movie, " Allen in Movieland."

"Rawhide" incorporates an actual legend of the Old West about the word _________ on the side of a steer.

Whoever sees the word "Murder" carved into the side of a rogue steer dies soon after. This lore is covered in Season #2's "Incident of the Murder Steer."

Gil Favor's duty is as the cattle drive's _________.

A Trail boss is the leader in charge of the cattle drive. After Favor leaves the show, Yates is promoted to Trail boss.

Who plays wrangler Jesús "Hey Soos" Patines?

Robert Cabal made his first credited splash on screen in 1950 by playing Tawa in "Forbidden Jungle." His last appearance was as Red Hand in the 1967 TV series, "Iron Horse."

Who plays the cook's unfortunate assistant Harkness "Mushy" Mushgrove III?

James Murdock played the Henchman in the 1958 TV series, "James Murdock." His last on-screen credit came in 1974 as F.B.I. Man #2 in 'The Godfather: Part II.'

Besides filming in California, the show also filmed in Tucumcari, ___________?

Tucumcari, New Mexico started off as a construction camp for the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad in 1901. It was named Ragtown, which became Six Shooter Siding, and, finally, Tucumcari in 1908.

John Wayne and Montgomery Clift starred in a western called _____________, that loosely inspired the characters Favor and Yates.

"Red River" is a 1948 film about a fictional cattle drive from Texas to Kansas. The tension in the film is the ongoing and escalating fight between a Texas Rancher (John Wayne) and his adopted son (Montgomery Clift).

What catchphrase from "Rawhide" became popular in the '60s?

Favor says the line at the end of most of the episodes. Once said, the cattle move on, and the end titles come on screen.

Who plays drover Joe Scarlet?

Rocky Shahan made his credited splash on screen as a henchman in the 1949 movie, "Roll, Thunder, Roll!" His last appearance in 1969 was uncredited as a stage driver in "The Guns of Will Sonnett."

Where does the cattle drive begin?

San Antonio, which is Spanish for "Saint Anthony," is actually named City of San Antonio. It was settled in 1691 by a group of Spanish Catholic missionaries and explorers.

The cattle drive follows the ___________.

The Texas Road is also called the Kansas Trail, Sedalia Trail, or the Shawnee Trail. It is an attractive trade route to Texas, across the Indian Territory, which became Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Clint Eastwood filmed his first spaghetti western called _______ during his time on "Rawhide."

"A Fistful of Dollars" is a spaghetti western from 1964. The film was Clint Eastwood's first leading role and propelled him into stardom.

Other than Yates, which character is in every episode during its eight-season run?

The drive needs its cook! Wishbone is credited for being in 216 episodes.

The drover, Toothless, is played by _____________.

William R. Thompkins played on-screen only twice. The first time was on "Rawhide," and the second on "A Fistful of Dollars." He died in 1971.

Once Favor leaves the cattle drive, who becomes the trail boss?

Gil Favor/Eric Fleming left the drive in the eighth season after an argument with the producers. The impression given on the show was that Favor retired and Yates got promoted.

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