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"Rush Hour" was highly successful in America and abroad. It led to two sequels, with another one ("Rush Hour 4") potentially in the works. How well do you remember "Rush Hour"? Find out by taking this quiz.

Who was Carter supposed to take with him when he busted Clive?

“Johnson, look, look, first of all, if you want to go out on a date with me, you gonna have to wait on the list like every other woman, OK? And second of all, I work alone.”

To whom had Lee been teaching self-defense at the beginning of the movie?

Director Brett Ratner attended film school at the age of 16, but he had trouble financing one of his projects. After receiving 39 rejection letters, Steven Spielberg finally gave him a break and agreed to fund it.

What was Carter trying to buy from Clive?

“What’s that? …That’s C-4?”

What happened that caused issues with the deal Carter tried to make with Clive?

Christopher Shannon Penn (born October 10, 1965) is an L. A. native and brother to an actor, Sean Penn, and a musician, Michael Penn. In addition to playing Clive in Rush Hour, some of his other notable roles are Willard in "Footloose," Nice Guy Eddie Cabot in "Reservoir Dogs," and Josh LaHood in "Pale Rider."

For which city police department did Carter work?

“Clive, guess what, man? I forgot to tell you. I’m LAPD.”

As what ​did the bad guys dress up to get close enough to Soo Yung to kidnap her?

Jackie Chan made the first "Rush Hour" as a chance to test his style of acting on American markets. Chan was always disappointed with the trilogy because he felt it was too Americanized, but he said he is willing to keep making them because the producers pay him well.

Finish the quote: "My own mama’s ashamed of me. She tells everybody _____________________."

"My own mama’s ashamed of me. She tells everybody I’m a drug dealer.”

Who did Consul Han want to help the FBI find his daughter?

Mark Rolston, who played Agent Russ, has had an extensive career as a supporting actor. "Aliens" (as Private Drake), "RoboCop 2" (as Stef), "The Shawshank Redemption" (as Bogs Diamond), and numerous other movie and television appearances have filled his acting years.

What unique situation was Carter supposed to take care of for the FBI?

"Forget the little girl. Your assignment is Lee."

For how much did Carter offer to buy a star map to get information from Stucky?

“I don’t know nothing for $45… I didn’t tell you nothing.”

Who played Lee?

“Jackie” Chan, Kong-sang (born April 7, 1954), was a big star in Asia when he first came to America in 1980. Hollywood was not initially kind to him but has since given him an honorary Oscar for his contribution to film. In recent years, he has fallen under criticism at home and abroad for his support of the Chinese government, and an extramarital affair that led to the birth of his daughter.

When Lee arrived, where did he want to go immediately?

"You must take me to see Consul Han right away." “…This ain’t no democracy.”

How did Carter catch Lee in the taxi?

Chan uses most of the money he makes doing American films to produce his creative Chinese movies. Above all else, Chan considers himself an artist with something to say.

Finish the quote, "Well, Carter, your particular assignment is considered ____________. Now, why don’t you and I take a walk, and I’ll fill you in?"

"Well, Carter, your particular assignment is considered G-14 Classified. Now, why don’t you and I take a walk, and I’ll fill you in?"

How does Carter keep Lee from going into the grocery store?

Ratner encouraged Jackie Chan to speak the English words as they were filming. Prior to "Rush Hour," Chan would dub the English in after filming was complete because he did not have confidence in his speaking ability.

What group did Lee say was “great American music”?

“Ah, Beach Boys. …The Beach Boys are great American music.”

How did Lee get away from Carter successfully?

Chris Tucker grew up watching martial arts movies and cop comedies, like "48 hours" and "Beverly Hills Cop." He was thrilled to be working with Jackie Chan.

Why did Carter say he hadn’t busted Luke, yet?

"Luke, look man, I know what you do, man. And the only reason why I ain’t busted… [you is] ‘cause you my cousin, and it’d kill Aunt Bootsy."

What happened to the men Agent Russ sent into the building from where the traced call originated?

Rex Linn (born November 13, 1956) played Agent Whitney in "Rush Hour," but he is probably best known for his role as Frank Tripp on "CSI: Miami."

How much money did the kidnappers want at first?

“The drop will be made tonight—11 p.m. The amount will be $50 million.”

Which denominations of bills did the kidnappers want?

Brett Ratner and producer Roger Birnbaum had to fly to South Africa to have lunch with Jackie Chan to convince him to do the film. Jackie Chan had never heard of Ratner or Chris Tucker, but Ratner’s modesty about his script impressed him enough to sign the contract a few weeks later.

How did Officer Bobby reply when Carter asked: "Bobby, didn’t I turn my back that time when you bought that bag of weed?"

"Bobby, didn’t I look the other way that time you bought that bag of weed?" “I was splittin’ it with you!” “But didn’t I give you the bigger half?”

With what weapon did Sang attack Lee in the abandoned building?

Jackie Chan restricts his roles because he has built his image around being a good guy. He feels he has a responsibility to children who watch his movies to keep them clean and without too much gore.

Who, according to Clive, was behind the kidnapping?

"The guy’s name is Juntao. I never seen him."

What song did Lee sing with Carter but struggle to say “y’all”?

Edwin Starr recorded “War” after Motown bought out Ric-Tic Records (the original label under which he recorded). His version of the song won him a Grammy for Best R& B Male Vocal.

What did Carter and Lee eat while staking out the Chinese restaurant?

“That’s eel… Very good.” “What you got?” “Camel’s hump.”

What cued Lee into the fact Soo Yung was near the restaurant?

Although Jackie Chan has broken most of his bones doing action scenes, it was the dialogue scenes that kept him up all night. He had to memorize both his lines and Chris’ lines, but Chris never stuck to the script. Chan was impressed with Tucker’s ability to come up with natural dialogue.

What did Carter and Lee’s fathers have in common?

"Your daddy was a policeman? …My father was also a policeman."

Who did Carter ask to help him when Lee was sent back to Hong Kong?

Elizabeth Pina, who portrayed Johnson, decided to play a trick on the director after a late night of filming when she was required to try on the bomb squad protective suit. Instead of wearing clothing under the outfit, she went out and asked him how it worked with nothing underneath. Instead of laughing, Ratner was horribly embarrassed.

Who played Carter?

Christopher Tucker (born August 31, 1971) was a frequent guest on "Def Comedy Jam" in the ‘90s. His stand-up routines were noted for being “clean,” although he cites Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy as two of his inspirations.

Where was the second money drop supposed to be made?

"Consul Han, I want you to go to the Chinese expo as you planned. Have the money in the upstairs control room."

What rhyme did Johnson use to remember which wires to cut to defuse bombs?

A similar rhyme is found in Sir Edmund Spenser’s, "The Faerie Queene, Book 3, Canto 6, Stanza 6" (1590). As an actual nursery rhyme, it appeared in Gammer Gurtons, "Garland" (1784).

Finish the quote, "Here’s a napkin. Wipe yourself off. _____________."

“Here’s a napkin. Wipe yourself off. You’re dead.”

How did Juntao die?

Jackie Chan was allowed to bring in his own stunt crew, but he also had to work under the guidance of an American stunt coordinator, Terry Leonard. To meet American insurance requirements, Leonard ensured Jackie was not taking some of the risks he usually took in his films.

How long was the flight back to China?

"Fifteen hours! What are we gonna do for fifteen hours?"

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