What Do You Remember About the Movie Good Morning, Vietnam?

By: J. Reinoehl
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Good Morning Vietnam won Robin Williams a Golden Globe for Best Actor and got him a nomination for an Oscar. How well do you remember Good Morning Vietnam? Find out by taking this quiz.

In which city did Good Morning, Vietnam, take place?

“Sir, there is no such thing as ‘only’ anymore. Not now. Not in Saigon.”

For which job was Airman Cronauer brought to Vietnam?

The real-life Adrian Cronauer was the first person to play rock n roll on a military radio station. The screenwriter had little to go on beyond that.

Where had Airman Cronauer previously been stationed?

"What sort of uniform is that?” “Cretan camouflage. If you want to blend into a crowd of drunken Greeks, there’s nothing better."

Who was completely against Airman Cronauer’s transfer to Saigon?

When the real-life Adrian Cronauer first came to Vietnam, Saigon was little more than a sleepy town. By the time he left, traffic filled the city and the economy had tanked.

What were the call letters of the broadcast station?

"A walkabout?" "Yeah, that's an aboriginal habit. It means to, uh, wander around and, uh, discover new This is AFVN—rocking ya from the delta to the DMZ. AFVN—better than AFVD, which means you have to get a quick shot."

Which of the following musicians were not acceptable to play according to Lieutenant Steven Hauk?

The Armed Forces Radio was supposed to build morale for the troops. Most of the young men had never been outside their homes before, so Cronauer felt he needed to give them a piece of home by playing Top 40 music.

Finish the quote, “I understand you’re pretty funny as a DJ, and, well, comedy is a kind of hobby of mine. W-well, actually, it’s a little more than just a hobby. ______________?”

"I understand you’re pretty funny as a DJ, and, well, comedy is a kind of hobby of mine. We-well, actually, it’s a little more than just a hobby. Reader’s Digest is considering publishing two of my jokes."

What was the name of the restaurant where the soldiers hung out?

In real life, Cronauer began his characteristic “Go-o-o-o-o-od Morning, Vietnam” when stationed in Greece. When Cronauer first came to Vietnam, he was strictly a news person (and did get in trouble with the censorship crew), but he eventually made it on the morning show. When Cronauer left, the morning show people kept the “Good Morning” shout.

What did Jimmy Wah put in the beer for flavor?

"Formaldehyde—we put in just a touch of formaldehyde for flavor. Some people get sick, yeah, so if you have to be rushed to a hospital, then when you return, I give you a free salad."

What did Airman Cronauer buy to chase down the woman of his dreams after seeing her outside Jimmy Wah’s?

They wanted to make this a war movie that showed Vietnam people as people. They tried to incorporate as much of everyday life as they could.

Finish the quote: "We are not going to escalate a whole war _____________________."

"We are not going to escalate a whole war just so we can book a big-name comedian! We can get Tony Bennett or Trini Lopez."

What extra job did Cronauer take over to have a chance to interact with the mystery girl (Trinh)?

The real Adrian Cronauer did teach English during his off-duty time, but he did not do it because he was trying to meet a particular girl. However, he doesn’t deny that meeting girls, in general, was part of his motivation for doing it.

What reason did Cronauer give that he liked Tuan (Trinh’s brother) after the first English class?

"No. I like you because you’re honest; because you’re shorter than I am. We look like a before and after picture. Now, come on, let me buy you a beer.”

What game did the English class want to learn how to play?

The gentleman who approached Williams about the problem with the softball being a fruit had first approached the director. The director told him that Williams was in charge of the equipment and told him to bring it to his attention. The interaction that we see in the movie is the footage filmed from that.

What was Lieutenant Steven Hauk always complaining that the soldiers never did to him?

"You know, I hate the fact that you people never salute me. I am a lieutenant, and I’d like salutes occasionally."

How did Cronauer get the girls at Jimmy Wah’s to come over to his table?

Three studios turned down the movie before Disney was willing to pick it up. Although many comic movies dealt with World War II, Good Morning Vietnam was the first to incorporate humor into a story about the Vietnam War. Many people told the production crew they could not write a comedy about Vietnam and that they could not write a comedy that contained bombings.

Where did Cronauer take Trinh on their first date?

"Hey, I’ll take whatever you can give because I’m just happy to be with you. You want to see a movie or something?"

What was unique about the men who censored the news for Cronauer?

Most of the comedy came from Robin Williams’ improv. He would take one look at what the screenwriter wrote and told them he would do it himself. The screenwriter said he had slaved for weeks to figure out some lines, but Williams could come up with better ones in seconds.

Finish the quote: "You better not even come within range of anything that happens, or your [behind] is grass, and I’m _____________________."

"You better not even come within range of anything that happens, or your [behind] is grass, and I’m a lawnmower." That puts it pretty plainly!

When Tuan made a date for Cronauer with Trinh, what did Trinh bring with her?

Most of the crew were British or Thai. Although the few Americans would be cracking up at Williams’ jokes, the crew was mostly stone-faced. Williams believed his humor was falling flat most of the time.

What was the one American song Trinh said she knew?

"You know ‘Puff the Magic Dragon?’ Can you sing it?"

When Sgt. Major Dickenson and Lt. Hauk approached the General the first time to remove Cronauer, what reason did the General give for keeping him?

Robin Williams’ improvisation would go on for 25 minutes a shot or until the film would run out. In the final movie, only about 12 minutes of the 2-hour film is his improv.

Which government official came to visit the troops in Saigon?

"Hey, we got a great show coming your way today. Former Vice President Richard Nixon’s in town. That’s right; the big Dick is here.”

Why didn’t Cronauer want to stay and take care of the Nixon interview?

For the English class, they would just turn the cameras on and interact with the class. The extras had all the personalities seen on film.

Finish the quote: "Here’s a little advice: Never eat in a Vietnamese restaurant _____________________."

"Here’s a little advice: Never eat in a Vietnamese restaurant next to a pound." You don't want to think about what that means.

What did Cronauer do with the Nixon tape?

The weather was muggy and hot during filming- frequently it would be 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The screenwriter passed out from the heat, and many actors discovered they began sweating in places they never knew they could sweat. Robert Wuhl got a severe sunburn his first week on location because he sat in the sun talking to an attractive girl at the pool.

How did Tuan get Cronauer out of Jimmy Wah’s before the tragedy?

"She do like you. She want to meet you today. It’s now far from here."

What happened to Jimmy Wah’s near the end of the movie?

Although Adrian Cronauer was a real person, very little in the movie resembled Cronauer’s real-life experiences in Vietnam. None of the other characters were real—instead, the characters were meant to be stereotypes.

Who took over for Cronauer while he was suspended?

“Who’ll do the Cronauer show?” “Well, Hauk can do it, sir, til I find a replacement.”

When Cronauer was upset about being suspended, where did Taun take him?

They filmed the movie in Bangkok instead of Saigon. To make it more authentic, they changed everything from street signs to outfits. The hardest thing was that in Bangkok, cars drive on the left side and in Saigon they drive on the right.

How did Cronauer make sure the news about Jimmy Wah’s was read?

"What a Wonderful World” came out in 1967, but the movie was set in 1965-66. Normally, the director is very picky about keeping things in the time period, but he felt the song went too well with the images and feeling he wanted at that point in the movie.

What did the MPs let Cronauer stop and do on the way to the airport?

The writer was initially placed in a hotel room where he could hear all the loud traffic outside. To get a quieter room, he went down and told the hotel staff he had to be next door to the director. When they moved him, he soon discovered he was literally next door to the director, who would knock on the wall anytime he wanted him—day or night—since he was right there.

Finish the quote, "Five months in Vietnam and my best friend is a V.C. _____________."

"Five months in Vietnam and my best friend is a V. C. This will not look good on a resume."

Why did Dickerson agree to allow Cronauer to interview troops?

The real Cronauer was never sent into enemy territory by a commanding officer, nor was he in a Jeep that hit a mine. He had Vietnamese friends, but to the best of his knowledge, none of them were Viet Cong.

Where was Sgt. Major Dickerson transferred to at the end of the movie?

"Guam, sir! There’s nothing going on in Guam! Why Guam?"

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