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"9 to 5" was a comedy directed by Colin Higgins that was second only to "The Empire Strikes Back" as the highest grossing movie of 1980. How well do you remember "9 to 5?" Find out by taking this quiz.

Why was Judy getting a job?

"She's very willing, and she needs the job. She's divorced."


At what time did all the women get up in the morning?

The women all shut their alarms off at 7:00 AM. Although the 9-5 workday has been a social norm for decades, modern businesses are beginning to implement the flexible workday hours that were introduced in the movie, especially as younger employees enter the workforce.


Finish the quote "An office that looks efficient ______________________."

"We mustn't look cluttered or sloppy. An office that looks efficient is efficient, as Mr. Hart says."


What is Roz's nickname around the office?

"Uh-oh. Here comes General Patton… Come on… Oh, yes, Roz, so sorry."


To whom did Mr. Hart give the scarf Violet bought?

Doralee was the object of Mr. Hart's unwanted affections. Played by country singer, Dolly Parton (born January 19, 1946), this was the first time she appeared in a movie.


What rumor did Mr. Hart spread about Doralee?

"Who's been saying we've been having an affair? Who's been saying it? He has."


What was the name of Judy's soon to be ex?

Dick was played by Lawrence Pressmen (born July 10, 1939). He was a regular on "Doogie Howser, M. D.," but frequently appeared in other television shows and soap operas including "M*A*S*H*," "Matlock," and the "9 to 5" television series that aired after the movie.


What idea did Mr. Hart steal from Violet?

"Roz, you'll be getting a copy of this report Frank just gave me. We are gonna start color-coding the accounts from now on. Frank's done a brilliant study of its efficiency."


Who played Judy?

Jane Fonda (born December 21, 1937) came up with the idea for "9 to 5," based on a women's work group founded by one of her friends. Originally, it was a drama, but then became a black comedy with all the women trying to kill the boss. In the end, those scenes became the girls' fantasies, and Hart was allowed to live.


What was the name of the bar where Violet goes to get drunk after telling Mr. Hart off?

"Not yet. She's down at Charlie's getting drunk… That a girl."


Why did Maria get fired?

"I wouldn't disturb you if this weren't important, but I just heard one of the girls commit a serious infraction… Maria Delgado was in the ladies room speaking to a girl whose voice I didn't recognize, when I distinctly overheard her reveal her salary and make estimates of yours' and mine."


Whose fantasy is to hunt Mr. Hart in the office and hang his head on the wall?

Judy has a fantasy about hunting Mr. Hart. Dolly Parton had a lot of free time on the set, and that is when she wrote the theme song for "9 to 5." She first worked out the rhythm to resemble a typewriter by tapping her fingernails together.


Who, in part, was the first to live out her fantasy by accident?

Violet was the first to partially live out her fantasy when she accidentally used poison in Mr. Hart's coffee instead of Skinny and Sweet. The Snow White-themed fantasy was not drawn by Disney.


What happened to Mr. Hart?

"I feel fine. I just fell off a chair and hit my head. That's all."


When Violet thought she killed Hart, what did she do about it?

"Where is the body?" "The trunk. We can chain cement blocks to his feet and pitch him off the pier."


What happened during Violet's escape from the hospital?

Violet was in an accident with a trash bin. Research by John Hopkins shows that teenage males are in 20% more crashes per mile than females, but after the age of 35, women tend to be in more car wrecks than men.


What did they do with the body?

"Hey, Vera. We got another stiff in the John."


How did Mr. Hart find out what had happened?

Since 30% of men and 20% of women will not go to the bathroom without their phones, it should not be surprising that 19% of people have dropped their phones in the toilet. A 2011 study also found fecal matter on 16% of people's phones.


Who tied up Mr. Hart?

Dolly Parton's youngest sister, Rachel Dennison (born August 31, 1959 as Rachel Parton), played the role of Doralee in the television series of the same name. The series ran from 1982 to 1988, and Dennison retired from acting soon afterward.


Where did they take Mr. Hart after they kidnapped him?

"We'll just get him up to his place, and we'll try to reason with him. His wife is on vacation, and that house is so far off the road, if he starts yelling, there ain't nobody gonna hear."


How were they going to prove Hart embezzled?

In 1967, Gary Starkweather discovered a way to make laser printers, but his employer, Xerox, was not interested in the concept. It was only after Starkweather was transferred to a research center that he was able to build one and Xerox finally took an interest in it.


How many kids did Violet have?

In the movie, Violet had four kids. According to the labor bureau, 70% of women with children under the age of 18 participate in the labor force.


Why did Violet say a sex scandal wouldn't work?

"Oh, who'd care?" "Yeah, Hart would just buy up the copies and send them out as Christmas cards."


How long did they initially plan to keep him tied up?

In general, women commit fewer crimes than men — except when it comes to prostitution. They also work alone more frequently than men. The three women in the movie wanted to keep Hart tied up for a week.


Who was scheduled to bring him lunch?

"Judy will be staying here at night. Doralee will bring you your lunch, and in the daytime, we have this little security system."


What was not a change the women implemented in Hart's name at the office?

The most common job for a woman is to be a secretary or administrative assistant. Many of the things the women implemented, such as better décor and an in-house daycare, have been shown to increase productivity, but few businesses still choose to have them.


Why couldn't they get the invoices right away?

"Here's the telex from the head office in New York. They've started the computer changeover. They won't be able to send us the inventory invoices for Ajax Warehouse for another four to six weeks."


What did Hart find to get out of his bonds the first time?

Dabney Coleman (born January 3, 1932) is known for playing self-centered, insincere people. One year after "9 to 5," he appeared as Jane Fonda's husband in "On Golden Pond."


How did they keep Roz from finding out?

"Hey, have you heard of the Aspen Language Center? It one of these places that gives you very concentrated lessons in foreign languages."


Who watched Hart's house for a week to see what was happening?

Lawrence Pressman (born July 10, 1939) only had a few lines as Dick in "9 to 5." His most prominent role was in the television series "Doogie Howser, M. D.," which ran from 1989-1993.


What was job-sharing?

"…She shares her job with another worker who takes over in the afternoon… Both women are very happy, and we couldn't be more pleased with their performance.


How did Hart finally get free?

Marian Mercer (Mrs. Hart) had previously worked with Dabney Coleman (Mr. Hart) on the 70s television series, "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman." She was one of the many film stars serviced by the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital until her death from Alzheimer's.


Where was the chairman going to send Hart?

"I need a man like you, Frank. A Brazilian operation is just about to take off."


According to the closing credits, what became of Doralee?

Doralee became a country singer. Dolly Parton is one of the most honored female country artists of all time.


Which actress played Roz?

Elizabeth Welter Wilson (born April 4, 1921) was born into a wealthy Michigan family. As a character actor, she played authoritative women. She can also be seen in "The Addams Family," "The Birds," and "Regarding Henry."


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