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Poor Little Rich Girl is a movie about Barbara Barry, the daughter of a rich businessman who owns a soap company. Shirley Temple stars as Barbara. After being sent to school, she decides to run off on her own adventure. Think you remember Barbara's adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

At the start of the movie, what food did Barbara not want to eat?

At the start of the movie, Barbara did not want to eat the spinach that she was served. Her butler insisted that she had to eat it so that she could get all of the vitamins that she needed.


Why was Barbara sent to bed after eating her spinach?

After Barbara finished her spinach, she was sent to bed because she had sneezed three times. Her butler and her servant were both appalled that Barbara was sent to bed after she only sneezed.


Who helped Margaret Allen when she knocked the soap over?

Mr. Barry helped Margaret Allen when she accidentally knocked over some of the soap. Unknowingly, she started ranting to him about "how much she hated Mr.Barry!"


What did Mr. Barry do when he heard that Barbara was sick?

Mr. Barry rushed home right away when he heard that Barbara was sick. When he got there, he was informed that the doctor had been there and said that there was nothing wrong with her.


What did Woodward suggest that Mr. Barry should do for Barbara?

Woodward suggested that Mr. Barry should send Barbara to a school where she could learn and socialize with other children. She said that Barbara was babied too much.


What did Mr. Barry and Barbara listen to together on the couch?

Mr. Barry and Barbara listened to a radio program for Barry's Soap. It featured music and Barbara even made her own lyrics for the song especially for her father.


What did Collins tell Barbara that she was going to do while Barbara was in school?

Collins told Barbara that she would be taking a break while Barbara was in school. Barbara had no idea of what a vacation was and Collins had to explain it to her.


What did Barbara want to do when she arrived at the station?

Barbara wanted to weigh herself when she arrived at the station. She put a penny in the machine and it spit out a paper with her weight and a fortune on it. When she asked Collins to tell her the fortune, Collins made up a new one that suited her.


What did Collins lose at the station?

Collins lost her purse when they arrived at the station. She figured that she had left it outside and left Barbara to be watched over by an employee at the station while she went to find it.


What happened to Collins when she went to find her purse?

Collins was hit by a car when she went to retrieve her purse outside the station. Everyone crowded around to try and help her but it was too late.


What did Barbara give to a little girl watching Tony and his monkey?

Barbara gave another girl watching Tony and his monkey her hat. The girl said that she loved the hat and wished that she was able to have one as well.


What did Barbara tell Tony?

Barbara told Tony that she was from an orphanage. She lied about it and also told him that she was on a vacation to meet new people and see new faces.


What did Tony do when he saw Barbara outside his house?

Tony invited Barbara in for dinner after he saw her outside his house. She ate spaghetti with Tony and his family. She had a hard time eating the spaghetti!


What could Jimmy Dolan hear from downstairs?

Jimmy Dolan could hear someone matching his steps on the floor below him. Just when he thought he could outdo them, they responded with the same steps. When he went to find out who it was, he was amazed to see Barbara!


What happened after Dolan, Dolan & Dolan auditioned at an ad agency?

After auditioning, Dolan, Dolan & Dolan got an interview with one of the ad agency's clients. The interview was with the Peck Soap Company.


What did Mr. Peck think that Mr. Barry wanted?

Mr. Peck thought that Mr. Barry wanted him to buy out his company. He was surprised when Mr. Barry said that he wanted to buy the Peck Soap Company instead!


Whose office did Barbara wander into while waiting for Margaret Allen?

While waiting for Margaret Allen, Barbara wandered into Mr. Peck's office. Mr. Peck told her to get out of his office because she was wasting her time.


What did Barbara sing to Mr. Peck?

When Mr. Peck asked Barbara to sing a song, she started singing the Barry Soap jingle. Mr. Peck made her stop right away and reiterated how much he hates radio ads.


What did Ms. Allen tell Mr. Barry before the radio show premiered?

Ms. Allen told Mr. Barry that Mr. Peck now had a radio show as well. It was going to premiere not long after their phone call. Mr. Barry tuned in on the radio so that he wouldn't miss it.


Why didn't Mr. Barry get to hear the radio show?

Mr. Barry wasn't able to listen to the radio show because he received a call before it started. He asked Ms. Allen about it at their lunch the next day.


What words did Barbara add to the Dolan & Dolan box?

Barbara added another "Dolan" to the box to complete their new name. She finished it just in time to make it to the studio to record their next broadcast.


What did a mysterious man do when Barbara walked out of the Dolan's house?

The mysterious man told Barbara that he would take her down to the store and buy her some peppermint candy. The Dolans came out just in time to stop him and make sure that Barbara was safe.


Why was Mr. Barry late for his date with Ms. Allen?

Mr. Barry was late for his date with Ms. Allen because he was making a deal with another factory. He apologized and they were off to listen to the radio show.


What did Mr. Barry notice during the broadcast?

Mr. Barry noticed that the voice of Bonnie Dolan sounded so much like his daughter, Barbara. He knew that she was supposed to be in school but he still believed that it was Barbara.


What did the receptionist at the school tell Mr. Barry?

The receptionist told Mr. Barry that Barbara hadn't arrived yet and that they were waiting for her. Mr. Barry was worried, so he and Ms. Allen went off to find her.


What did Jimmy and Jerry do when they heard that Mr. Barry was coming to the studio?

Jimmy and Jerry Dolan got away as fast as they could when they heard that Mr. Barry was coming to the studio. They didn't want him to find out that they had his daughter and left Mr. Peck to deal with him.


Who approached Jimmy and Jerry on the street about Barbara?

A police officer approached Jimmy and Jerry in the street to tell them that they had a great child. They were worried because they thought they had been caught!


Who entered the Dolan household after Jimmy and Jerry had to leave?

After Jimmy and Jerry left, Flagin entered the Dolan household. He knew that with Jimmy and Jerry gone, Barbara was the only one in the house. This gave him the perfect opportunity to enter.


Which of the following actors from the film played Barbara's father?

Michael Whalen played the role of Richard Barry, Barbara's father. He was also in another movie with Shirley Temple, called Wee Willie Winkie, where he played the role of a Lieutenant.


What did Jimmy and Jerry do after they left their house?

When Jimmy and Jerry left their house, they went to a phone booth and called Barbara's father, Mr. Barry. They told him where he could find Barbara. He went to find her right away.


What did Flagin tell Barbara that he would do if she told him who her father was?

Flagin told Barbara that he would buy her a present if she told him who her father was. Barbara did the right thing and told him that she wouldn't say who her father was.


What did Flagin do to Jimmy when he caught him taking Barbara?

Flagin punched Jimmy when he came upstairs with Jerry and they caught him taking Barbara. Jimmy tried to fight back just as the police and Mr. Barry ran into the building and broke it up.


What did Margaret suggest that Mr. Peck and Mr. Barry should do?

Margaret suggested that Mr. Barry and Mr. Peck should merge their companies together instead of rivaling each other. Mr. Peck was against it, but Barbara tried to persuade him to agree to it!


Who told the cops to let Jerry and Jimmy free?

Mr. Barry told the cops to let Jimmy and Jerry go after Barbara told him what they were really like. Barbara told him that they were best friends and that she had never had so much fun.


In Dolan, Dolan & Dolan's final performance in the movie, what costumes did they wear?

In the final performance in the movie, Dolan, Dolan & Dolan performed in military costumes. They performed the song "Military Man," complete with a dance.


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