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Test your knowledge of the classic Christmas tale, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Recall your old friends Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. Relive their tale of fun in the Christmas season!

Who wrote A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Charles Monroe Schulz was an American cartoonist. He was best known for his comic book strip called Peanuts. It focused on the main character, Charlie Brown.


When was A Charlie Brown Christmas released?

A Charlie Brown Christmas was released on December 9, 1965, on CBS. Peanuts had become a phenomenon worldwide by the mid-1960s, and the program was commissioned to capitalize on its success.


What is the name of the main protangonist in the tale?

Charlie Brown is the main protagonist in A Charlie Brown Christmas. He is the main character in the Peanut comic book series that the tale is based on. Charlie Brown is the leader of the Peanuts gang.


Who is Charlie Brown's best friend?

Linus van Pelt is Charlie Brown's best friend. Lucy van Pelt is his older sister. Linus has brown hair and normally wears a red shirt with stripes on it, black shorts, and tennis shoes.


At the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas, where are Charlie Brown and Linus going?

At the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas, Linus and Charlie Brown are going skating. They are walking to the pond that has frozen over. All of their friends will be there.


As the children skate together on the pond, what song can be heard over the opening credits?

Christmas Time Is Here is played during the opening credits. The songs ends and the special opens with Charlie Brown being depressed about the Christmas season.


The TV special was originally commissioned and sponsored by what organization?

A Charlie Brown Christmas was originally commissioned and sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola approached Lee Mendelson to see if they could create a Peanuts Christmas special. While Mendelson and Schulz did not have anything prepared, they quickly crafted a simple, single page (triple spaced!) creative treatment to present to Coke. They approved it instantly and the rest is history.


The special took how many months to animate?

A Charlie Brown Christmas was written over a period of several weeks. It was animated on a shoestring budget and took six months. That is relatively fast for a TV special in the 1960s.


In casting the young characters, the producers hired voice actors of what age?

When casting the actors, producers took an unconventional approach and cast child actors. Typically, more experienced actors would have been cast. None of the children who voiced the characters were listed in the credits.


What was Charles M. Schulz's main goal for his Peanuts-based Christmas special?

Charles M. Schulz's main goal for a Peanuts-based Christmas special was to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. He desired to juxtapose his theme with shots of snow and ice-skating. He also created the idea for the school play, and mixing jazz with traditional Christmas carols.


Linus's speech about the true meaning of Christmas is actually a quote from what?

Charles M. Schulz was adamant about Linus' reading of the Bible, despite the producers' concerns that religion was a controversial topic. One producer recalled Schulz turned to him and remarked, "If we don't do it, who will?" Linus' recitation of Scripture was incorporated in such a way that it forms the climax of the show, making it impossible to successfully edit out.


Who does Charlie Brown meet after going to his mailbox?

Charlie Brown meets Violet after going to his mailbox. Violet is reading a Christmas card from a friend.


What game do the children play on the ice at the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Charlie Brown and Linus play crack the whip. Snoopy also plays by pulling both boys around on the ice. One player, chosen as the head of the whip, runs (or skates) around in random directions, with subsequent players holding on to the hand of the previous player.


At the beginning of the special, how does Charlie Brown feel?

At the beginning of the Charlie Brown Christmas special, Charlie Brown is depressed. He tells Linus that he is extra sad about the over-commercialization of Christmas. Charlie Brown is sad about people's inability to grasp what Christmas is really all about. Linus just thinks Charlie Brown is displaying typical Charlie Brown feelings at first.


What is the best way to describe Charlie Brown's mailbox?

Charlie Brown's mailbox is not filled with any Christmas letters or cards. Though his mailbox is empty, he sarcastically thanks Violet for the card she never sent him. Violet just uses the opportunity to put Brown down again.


What is Pig-Pen making in the snow?

Pig Pen is making a snowman. Charlie Brown cannot believe that Pig-Pen can make a dirt man.


Lucy operates what kind of booth?

Lucy has a psychiatric advice booth. In the comic strip, many other characters visit, to tell Lucy their problems. She responds by spouting useless advice.


How much does Lucy charge for her psychiatric help?

Lucy charges a nickel for her psychiatric services. She tells Charlie Brown how much she likes the sound of nickels. Sometimes her advice is unorthodox, but still useless.


What does Lucy want for Christmas?

Lucy tells Charlie Brown she wants real estate for Christmas. She says she only ever gets toys. She would like serious investment property instead.


Lucy listens to Charlie Brown talk about his problems. She then tells him to do what?

Lucy listens to Charlie Brown share his feelings. She determines that Charlie Brown needs more involvement and she ultimately recommends that he direct a Christmas play.


On his way to the auditorium, Charlie Brown finds Snoopy doing what?

Charlie Brown finds Snoopy decorating his doghouse with neighbourhood lights. Snoopy is much more into the Christmas holiday than Charlie Brown.


What does Charlie Brown think he is afraid of?

Charlie Brown thinks he is afraid of everything. Lucy calls this condition pantaphobia.


Before he gets to the theatre, Charlie Brown runs into what character, who asks him to do what?

Before Charlie Brown can make it to the theater, he runs into his sister Sally. She asks him to help her write a letter to Santa Claus. When she hints at having an extremely long and specific list of requests, Charlie Brown gets even more sad about people forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.


When Charlie Brown finally arrives at the rehearsal, how does he feel?

Charlie Brown arrives at the rehearsal, but he is unable to control the situation. The kids are uncooperative - they want to change the play and make it more modern. He is unsure where to begin.


Thinking the play requires the proper mood, Charlie Brown decides they need what?

Charlie Brown thinks the play needs a Christmas tree. He thinks this will better set the mood he wants the play to project.


Who goes with Charlie Brown to get the Christmas tree?

Lucy takes over for Charlie Brown as director in the meantime and tells Charlie Brown to get a "big, shiny aluminum tree... maybe painted pink." Linus goes with Charlie Brown to get the Christmas tree. An instrumental version of O Tannenbaum, or O Christmas Tree, plays in the background as they leave.


What type of Christmas tree does Charlie Brown pick?

When they get to the tree market, filled with many trees fitting Lucy's description, Charlie Brown zeroes in on the only real tree on the lot—a tiny sapling. Linus is reluctant about Charlie Brown's choice, but Charlie Brown is convinced that, after they decorate it, the tiny tree will be just right for their play. They return to the auditorium with the tree, at which point the children point at Charlie Brown and laugh.


When Charlie Brown gets frustrated and asks the children if they know the true meaning of Christmas, who responds?

Linus tells Charlie Brown that he knows the true meaning of Christmas. He recites the Annunciation to the shepherds from the Gospel of Luke. Then Charlie Brown quietly picks up the little tree and walks out of the auditorium.


Which of these animals is not on the list of characters played by Snoopy during the Christmas play?

Snoopy is expected to play all of the animals in the Christmas play. Even though he is a dog, there is no dog in the play.


Charlie Brown quietly picks up the little tree and walks out of the auditorium, intending to do what with it?

Charlie Brown takes the tree home with him. He wants to decorate it and show the others how beautiful it is. He wants to bring it back to the auditorium after he has decorated it nicely.


Charlie Brown stops where, on his way home with the tiny tree?

When Charlie Brown arrives, he stops at Snoopy's decorated doghouse. He sees that Snoopy won the neighborhood decorating contest. He puts an ornament on his tree. The branch, with the ball still on it, promptly flops over to one side instead of remaining upright, prompting Charlie Brown to declare, "I've killed it," and run off in disgust at his failure.


What color is the Christmas ornament that Charlie Brown hangs on the tree?

Charlie Brown places a red Christmas ornament on the tree. It tilts the tree over to one side with its weight, and Charlie Brown gets very upset.


Which Peanuts character does not appear in A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Woodstock does not appear in the Christmas special. Woodstock is a yellow bird, Snoopy's best friend.


What song does Lucy ask Schroeder to play?

Lucy asks Schroeder to play Jingle Bells on his piano. Schroeder says nothing; he merely leans over his toy piano and plays an elegant rendition of the Christmas carol. It is replete with four-part harmony and the rich timbre of a grand piano.


What carol does the gang sing around the tree at the end of the movie?

Charlie Brown returns to Snoopy's doghouse and sees his friends with the newly decorated tiny tree. He is surprised at the humming and the decorated tree. His friends greet him by saying, "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!" The entire group joins to sing the first verse of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing as the special ends.


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