What Do You Know About the World's Least Populated Countries?

By Stella Alexander on May 06, 2018

About This Quiz

How many people are in the world? According to the United Nations, there are more than 7.5 billion people on Earth. While China and India are the only two countries with over a billion people, there's over 100 countries with a population of over 1 million. While these countries might be well-known, we're pushing aside the United States, Indonesia and Brazil for countries like Vanuatu, Palau and Vatican City.

With the exception of Europe and Australia, you'd find many continents overshadowed by their most populated countries. In Asia, you have both China and India as the two most populated countries in the world. Traveling over to the Americas, you'd find the United States in third place and Brazil in fifth. Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, comes in 7th place. While these countries tend to overpower the culture and economy of their region, we can't forget about the smaller, less populated countries! 

Vatican City, the least populated country in the world, has a population of less than 800 people. A trip through the Oceanic island regions would find you near Tuvalu and Nauru, two islands whose population sits around 11,000 people. Even countries in Europe like San Marino and Liechtenstein have populations of less than 50,000! When it comes to the world, can you prove that your knowledge spans to even the smallest of countries? Let's find out!

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