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Beware! The world is home to many animals that attack and kill. Sometimes it's intentional, and other times, accidental. Think you know all about the deadliest animals on our planet? Take the quiz to find out!

What snake is the longest venomous snake in the world?

It's the King Cobra! This snake is commonly found in India and Asia, and despite it's size, it's actually very shy. One bite from this snake, however, has enough venom to kill around 20 people.


What animal is known to eat its prey alive?

It's the piranha! These fish have extremely sharp teeth that help them rip the flesh off of their prey. Some people even keep these animals as pets!


What animal contains large amounts of poison, but is a delicacy in Japan?

It's the puffer fish! This fish is extremely toxic. Each year, people die accidentally due to eating the fish when it's not properly prepared. The poison from one of these fish can kill 30 humans.


What animal is known as the world's most dangerous fly?

It's the tsetse fly! These flies are found in Africa and they can carry a parasite that can pass on a sleeping sickness to humans.


What omnivorous animal can kill prey 10 times its size?

It's the wolverine! These animals live in North America and can take down animals that are much larger. Wolverine attacks on humans are rare.


What nocturnal animal can sense heat through its nose?

It's the Vampire Bat! These animals have a life span of about nine years and suck the blood from their prey, which is mostly livestock. These bats will prey on humans as well.


What animal has the nickname "Black Death?"

It's the cape buffalo! These powerful animals live in Africa and can be very aggressive. The cape buffalo has killed many big game hunters in Africa.


What animal is known as the most venomous marine animal in the world?

It's the box jellyfish! These jellyfish have a lethal venom that can easily kill a human. Their tentacles contain needles that administers the venom.


What amphibian's poison has piqued the interest of the medical industry for it's potential medicinal use?

It's the Poison Dart Frog! These frogs can be a variety of colors and produce a poison that is extremely toxic. However, when raised in captivity, these frogs don't produce poison.


What herbivore is known to kill lions?

It's the cape buffalo! These large animals have an extremely good memory. They have been known to attack people who have previously harmed or wounded them.


What is the most venomous fish on the planet?

It's the stone fish! Because of their well-camouflaged bodies, these fish are very good at hiding. The venom is found in sacks along their spines.


What animal is known to be the largest carnivore on land?

It's the polar bear! Polar bears like to eat seals and any other animals they can find. These massive bears look cute, but they can turn quite vicious when given a reason to do so.


What animal has been known to dig up human remains for food?

It's the komodo dragon! These lizards attack people and their bite is venomous. The komodo dragon uses its sense of smell when searching for prey.


What nocturnal animal does a mating dance for a partner?

It's the deathstalker scorpion! This animal can be very harmful to humans, but it also has medical uses to treat diabetes and cancer.


What animal has a multiple rows of teeth?

It's the great white shark! These animals have attacked humans, but we're not their favorite meal! Usually, they eat whales or seals.


What deadly mammal has a 17-month pregnancy?

It's the killer whale! These smart animals are part of the dolphin family and can live to be anywhere between 60 and 80 years of age.


What animal lives in the forest and is found in the Republic of Congo?

It's the gorilla! These animals are intelligent and extremely powerful. They can weigh up to 485 pounds and can be aggressive at times.


What pesky bug is known to carry diseases that affect humans?

It's the mosquito. These bugs are known to carry diseases, such as the West Nile Virus and malaria. These diseases affect many people every year.


What deadly animal is commonly found in groups called prides?

It's the lion! These big cats kill over 250 humans every year. Lionesses are the hunters in a pride and kill large animals, such as the buffalo and the gazelle.


What dangerous animal is known to be the largest land mammal?

It's the elephant! These massive and intelligent animals can be very dangerous to humans, and kill about 500 people every year.


What is the longest venomous snake in Africa?

It's the black mamba! These snakes are very aggressive and extremely fast. One bite from one of these snakes contains a venom that can kill a person within 20 minutes.


What animal is the largest of the big cats?

It's the tiger! Although tigers typically keep a distance from humans, when they do encounter them they can be very dangerous and deadly. Tigers are also an endangered species.


What big cat is found in South America, and has yellow and black spots?

It's the jaguar! The jaguar is very strong and gets it's name from "yaguar," a Native American word for "he who kills with one leap."


What animal is grouped into three categories known as parasitic, social and solitary?

It's the wasp! These bugs can be quite deadly to anyone who takes an allergic reaction to their sting. However, although these bugs can be scary, they do a lot of good for humans as well!


What animal gets its name from its coat's resemblance to a leopard?

It's the leopard seal! These powerful animals feed on fish and sometimes, other seals. There have also been cases where leopard seal's have attacked humans.


What dangerous animal is referred to as a "bloat" when in groups?

It's the hippopotamus! These large animals are very aggressive and will charge anything they feel is threatening. Hippos kill a few thousand people annually.


Which deadly animal swallows stones to help digest its food?

It's the crocodile! The crocodile uses its strong jaws to trap its prey until it dies. They kill around 1,000 people annually.


What animal has a painless bite?

It's the blue ring octopus! The bite from this octopus may be painless, but it can be deadly. These animals are commonly found in shallow waters.


What dangerous animal is brown and hibernates?

It's the grizzly bear! These massive mammals can weigh up to 800 pounds. They are quite solitary, but have been known to attack humans when startled.


What animal administers one of the most painful stings in the world?

It's the bullet ant! A sting from these ants ends in excruciating pain. It is not common to die from the bullet ant's sting unless a person has an allergic reaction.


What animal is known for its laugh?

It's the hyena! Hyenas are scavengers who eat other animals, as well as vegetation. At times, humans have also been part of their diet.


What animal is the largest in the deer family?

It's the moose! These large animals are typically not aggressive, unless they are provoked. On average, 10 people are killed by a moose each year.


What was the first animal ever to be domesticated?

It's the wolf! When a wolf attacks, it can be very dangerous and deadly. It is common for lone, rabid wolves to attack humans and other animals.


What animal is commonly used to clean aquariums?

It's the freshwater snail! These snails may not seem like they could be harmful, but many people die from being infected by a parasite these little guys carry.


What animal's skin is often used in leather products?

It's the water monitor! This lizard's bite can inject a venom into a human, although it is not likely to be fatal. They typically feed on fish and birds.


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