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CHiPs was a light-hearted police drama from the late 1970s. Were you as enamoured with the show as we were? What do you know about the CHiPs television series? Find out by taking this quiz!

What does the acronym CHiPs stand for?

The California Highway Patrol usually did not ride as partners, so Ponch was introduced as being on probation and needing to stay with Jon until it was finished.


Which actor played Jon Baker?

During the filming of the show, Larry (who played Baker) and Eric (who played Ponch) had a strained relationship because Larry felt Eric did not take his role (and acting) seriously. After the show finished, the two resolved their issues.


Which actor portrayed Officer Bobby Nelson?

Tom Reilly portrayed Officer Rick Nichols in a season 5 episode before going on to portray Officer Bobby Nelson when Larry Wilcox left the show.


Where was Officer Jon Baker from?

“I need your place of birth." "Rawlins, Wyoming."


During which of the following seasons was Officer Sindy Cahill featured?

Brianne (born July 28, 1957) played Officer Sindy Cahill during the second season. Her character disappeared without explanation at the beginning of Season 3, and "High Octane" was the last episode in which she appeared.


What was Officer Jonathan A. Baker’s call sign on the radio?

“LA 7-Mary-3 will respond to location.”


During the CHiPs reunion movie in the late 90s, which character returned to the force after being away for some time?

In the television series, John left, but the movie begins with Ponch returning to a force that John never left.


Which actor was frequently injured during filming and even did several episodes from his hospital bed?

While filming “Return of the Supercycle,” (air date October 37, 1979) Erik Estrada was in a motorcycle accident that put him in the hospital. This was added to the story arc and filming was done from his hospital bed for a couple of episodes.


Who created the series and wrote most of the episodes?

Rick Rosner (born May 1941) is best known for CHiPs, but he also wrote the television movie Panic in the Skies and Just Men.


Where did the show primarily take place?

"L. A. heading north on Tully. We got the Phantom rider in sight."


Which actor’s first appearance was as a criminal but later became a regular police officer?

Randi Oakes played a car thief named Kim in “Downtime,” but later she played Officer Bonnie Clark.


What was unique about this police show?

There were only a few times during the entire run of the show where any CHiPs officer (primarily Officer Barry Baricza) pulled out a gun. In the later movies, this happened frequently.


CHiPs mechanic, Harlan Arliss, had what type of pet?

Harlan Arliss’ dog, Dave, never liked Sergeant Getraer, and the Sergeant always told Harlan to get rid of it. Dave used to sniff drugs for the police force.


In what year did the final CHiPs episode air before syndication?

The final episode, Return of the Brat Patrol, aired May 1, 1983.


Other than with a police chase, many episodes began how?

Although police chases were one method of beginning the show, the show frequently began in the briefing room.


How long was Ponch's probation supposed to last?

Ponch was just finishing six months probation during the pilot, but as soon as he gets off it, he is put back on probation because a woman he pulls over goes off the road instead.


Ponch wore black motorcycle gloves. What color were Jon’s?

John based his character on real life Officer Robert Hayden who also wore tan gloves with his uniform.


When Larry Wilcox left the show, what reason was given for his character’s absence?

Larry Wilcox and Eric Estrada did not get along well outside of their characters. When the tension got too high and Jon left the show, the writers explained it by having the character return home to help his father.


Which character did actor Michael Dorn play?

In addition to playing Officer Jebediah Turner, Michael Dorn went on to play many roles in other films and television series and is most famous for portraying Lt. Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Who wrote the theme song?

John Parker wrote the theme for CHiPs, and Alan Silvestri did a remake of it for later seasons. Although Mike Post also wrote a theme song for the show, it was rejected.


In the first season, where did Ponch live?

Ponch lived in an RV at the beginning of the show. It first appeared in the episode “Dog Gone” when Jon brought the stray dog over for Ponch to take care of it.


What was Ponch’s full name?

"Would you explain something to me, Frank… Why am I sending one of my men, one of my uniformed officers to his principal's office… Mr. Singleton called. That name mean anything to you, Frank… Well, he didn't mention anything about a citation, he just asked that his former student, Francis Llewellyn Poncherello, report to his office as soon as possible."


How long did CHiPs run?

CHiPs first aired September 15, 1977 and last aired May 1, 1983, making it have a total run of six seasons.


Which branch of the military did Larry Wilcox (and by extension his character Jon Baker) serve in during the Vietnam War?

Jon Baker was perhaps the first Vietnam veteran portrayed in the media as a kind, regular, normal guy- as opposed to people with mental issues or grudges.


What was Jon Baker’s badge number as shown in the opening credits?

The badge with number 8712 was shown even in the sixth season credits after the character was gone.


What vehicle did Jon drive during most of the series?

In the first season, Jon drove a white Mini, but that change to a blue GMC truck by the second season.


Which make of motorcycle do the CHiPs officers ride in the show?

During the first two seasons, they rode a Kawasaki Z1-P and KZ900-C2, then it changed to a KZ1000-C1.


Which actor played Officer Barry Baricza?

Brodie Greer (born October 26, 1949) played Barry "Bear" Baricza during the six season run and was also in CHiPs movies as well as Terror Squad and True Blood. His character was also a pilot and crop duster.


What two major colors are CHiPs motorcycles?

Although the CHiPs uniforms were beige and black and their helmets were blue and gold, the motorcycles were primarily black and white.


What was Officer Bobby Nelson’s nickname?

Officer Bobby "Hot Dog" Nelson only was seen in the sixth season- after Jon Baker left the show. He left the show after being arrested for possessing a controlled substance.


Which actor played Sergeant Joseph Getraer?

Robert Pine (born July 10, 1941) is best known for his role in CHiPs, but he also had guest starred in Star Trek episodes, the Bold and the Beautiful, and many other television series.


Although a variety of automobiles were used in the series, which company was credited with furnishing them?

Ford Motor Company was mentioned in the end credits as furnishing the automobiles for the show.


What was the name of the CHiPs reunion movie?

CHiPs 99 had a few continuity issues:


Where does Jon live?

Jon ran into trouble because Raintree did not accept pets or children. In “Dog Gone” for example, he had trouble finding a place for a lost dog to go.


How did Ponch and Jon first meet?

Ponch was riding a dirt bike on private property, and Jon was called to investigate.


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