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A quiz for those fans of Sinatra and company that made up the singing and entertaining Vegas performers known as the Rat Pack. Get your dancing shoes on and let's boogie.

Who was the Rat Pack's leader?

Frank Sinatra was the clear leader of this super group. His name, power, and amazing voice led the Rat Pack to amazing success.

Who was the oldest of the Rat Pack?

Frank Sinatra was the oldest, born in 1915. Dean Martin was born in 1917, Joey Bishop in 1918, Peter Lawford in 1923 and Sammy Davis, Jr., in 1925.

Rat Pack member Peter Lawford had what connection to U.S. Senator (and future U.S. president) John F. Kennedy?

Lawford was married to Pat Kennedy, one of the five sisters of John F. Kennedy. Due to Sinatra's alleged mafia connections and objections by Robert Kennedy, Lawford and Sinatra had a falling out in 1961 and never spoke again.

Who came up with the name Rat Pack?

The group had circled around Humphey Bogart, and his wife was the one who first came up with the name. Upon seeing her husband, Sinatra, and a few others come home late at night, Lauran Bacall (Bogart's wife) exclaimed, "You look like a goddamned rat pack!"

While the popular group of entertainers were referred to by fans and in the media as the Rat Pack, how did members of the group refer to themselves?

Although the Rat Pack was the media's name for the group, they actually called themselves the Summit. The Rat Pack was an extended group of Hollywood friends that included the singing group.

In the 2001 remake of the movie, "Ocean's Eleven" (starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia), the number of casinos robbed was three. How many casinos were robbed in the original 1960 version that starred all of the Rat Pack members?

"Ocean's 11" was filmed on location at the Riviera and Sands during the day, while the group performed at night. The group robbed five casinos: the Sahara, Riviera, Desert Inn, Sands, and Flamingo.

Who was the shortest member of the Rat Pack?

Sammy Davis, Jr., was 5' 3", Joey Bishop was 5' 7", Frank Sinatra was 5' 8", Dean Martin was 6', and Peter Lawford was 6'.

Which member of the Pack was in "A Guide for the Married Man"?

Bishop took a starring role in "A Guide for the Married Man," which consisted of comic vignettes about men cheating on their wives. Walter Matthau, Robert Morse, and Inger Stevens also appeared.

During the 1950s and 1960s, how many movies starred multiple members of the Rat Pack?

The seven movies were;%0D"Some Came Running" (1958)%0D"Ocean's Eleven" (1960)%0D"Sergeants 3" (1962)%0D"4 for Texas" (1963)%0D"Robin and the Seven Hoods" (1964)%0D"Marriage on the Rocks" (1965)%0D "Texas Across the River" (1968)

Who was the very heavy smoker in the Rat Pack who was said to have smoked four packs a day for much of his life?

Sammy Davis, Jr., smoked thousands of cigarettes over his life, and one of the causes of his eventual death was throat cancer in 1990. He was occasionally called Smokey while onstage.

Which Rat Pack member adapted (and recorded) a movie song as a campaign song for John F. Kennedy's 1960 campaign for U.S. President?

Frank Sinatra adapted and recorded a special version of the tune, "High Hopes," as a campaign song for Kennedy's 1960 U.S. Presidential campaign ("...Jack is on the right track, 'cause he has high hopes..."). The song was first used in the 1959 film, "A Hole in the Head," and was so popular it won an Oscar.

At what Las Vegas hotel did they hold their famous Summit meetings?

They utilized the Sands, but unfortunately it has closed down. Although replaced by the likes of MGM and New York New York, the Sands continues to be in our memories.

Which movie did not include a member of the Pack in the cast?

Robert Mitchum was the starring actor in "The Night of the Hunter." Although many would have considered him a great fit for the Rat Pack, he was not part of the storied group.

What room in the Sands was the Rat Pack located in?

The Copa Room in the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas was "home" to the Rat Pack. The Sands was opened in 1952 and was imploded in 1996 to make room for a new Las Vegas hotel, the Venetian.

The full Rat Pack also consisted of several female members. Who was NOT a part of the Rat Pack?

Jayne Mansfield was not part of the Rat Pack. She posed for "Playboy" 30 times, was in 29 motion pictures, and even recorded 5 albums. She was probably a little too busy to hang out at the Sands.

Which female actress was an honorary member?

Shirley MacLaine was the Rat Pack's mascot. She starred in "Some Came Running" with Sinatra and Martin, which is where their friendship began.

Which movie included Peter Lawford in the cast?

Lawford had a solid dramatic turn in the war story, "The White Cliffs of Dover." Although he did not win an award, his performance was one of the best of his career.

How many live concert record albums were recorded and released by the Rat Pack?

The five live concert albums released by members of the Rat Pack were:%0D"The Rat Pack Live at the Sands" (1960)%0D "Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. - The Summit in Concert 1962" (1962)%0D "A Night on the Town with the Rat Pack" (1962) %0D"The Ultimate Rat Pack Collection Live and Swingin'" (1962)%0D"The Rat Pack on Stage: Las Vegas/St. Louis" (1963).

What was the name of the record label that Frank Sinatra founded?

Sinatra formed the record label Reprise Records in 1961, after leaving his former record label Capitol. He completed over 500 songs on the label over two decades and recorded many of his friends to great success.

What was the nickname used onstage for Sammy Davis, Jr.?

"Smokey" Davis and his good friend Sinatra met in 1941 and continued their friendship to their death. During Smokey's career, he was said to have smoked four packs of cigarettes a day.

Joey Bishop starred (with Dean Martin) in a Western spoof. What was the name of the movie?

Martin and Joey Bishop starred in the Western spoof, "Texas Across the River." This comical golden movie has not aged one bit, and it's worth a watch today!

Which Rat Pack member frequently went into the casino itself and dealt blackjack?

Dean Martin dealt a mean hand of blackjack in his younger years at the Rex Cigar Store in Steubenville, Ohio. Frank Sinatra was also said to deal blackjack occasionally.

How many motion pictures featured all five main members of the Rat Pack in the leading roles?

All five original members of the Rat Pack appeared in two films as stars: "Ocean's Eleven" in 1960 and "Sergeants 3" in 1963. Other films featured either individual members or a group of members.

Which Rat Pack member had a memorable guest appearance on the American TV series, "All in the Family," in which he visited Archie Bunker's house?

In the February 19, 1972, episode of "All in the Family" (episode number 34, titled "Sammy's Visit"), Sammy Davis, Jr., made a guest appearance on the show. For our British quizzers, you may recognize the show as the American version of "Till Death Do Us Part" that showcased on the BBC.

How did Sammy Davis, Jr., lose one of his eyes?

Sammy had a head-on car collision in 1954 which nearly took his life, but instead he only lost an eye. He wore an eye patch for a while, but ultimately he used a glass eye for the rest of his life.

Dean Martin is so closely tied to the Rat Pack, it is easy to forget that he was once part of a very famous comedy duo. Who was his partner?

The comic duo of Martin and Lewis was known for their skits and one-liners. It was after they split that Martin hooked up with Sinatra and became the Pack's unofficial Vice Chairman.

Members of the Rat Pack frequently performed live on the Las Vegas stages at top casino showrooms. The billings listed on the casinos' huge outdoor marquees were similar. When Dean Martin performed as a solo artist, how was his appearance advertised?

When one of the Rat Pack was singing solo, it was not uncommon for other members to drop in and sing. Due to this, promoters would add suspense. When Martin sang, they used to put "Dean Martin... Maybe Sammy... Maybe Frank," to garner ticket sales.

Which Rat Pack member took the photograph of the Mohammed Ali/Joe Frazier boxing match used on the cover of "LIFE" magazine for the March 19, 1971 issue?

Sinatra was an accomplished photographer and he loved to watch fights. Some editors described his work as brilliant, and he got the love of boxing from his father who boxed professionally.

Who was considered the straight man of the Rat Pack, even though he wrote many of the comedy lines used onstage in their performances?

Joey Bishop was a stand-up comedian from Philadelphia who opened for Frank Sinatra in the 1950s and stayed a member of the Rat Pack. He was the unofficial Master of Ceremonies when the Rat Pack performed and was especially well known for his deadpan delivery, which had audiences rolling in laughter.

Which song did Frank and Sammy sing together onstage, which joked about Sammy's color?

"Me and My Shadow" was the name of the song. Their friendship was considered quite risky, due to issues of race that the country was facing at this time.

Which member of the Pack starred in "The Young Lions"?

"The Young Lions" featured Dean Martin. The movie version of the Irwin Shaw novel also starred Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando.

How many times was Frank Sinatra married?

Frank was single during the Rat Pack years, but he was married four times over his lifetime. His wives were: Nancy Barbato (1939-1951); Ava Gardner (1951-1957); Mia Farrow (1966-1967); and Barbara Max (1976 to his death in 1988).

During his younger years, which Rat Pack member was a boxer?

Martin's ring name, Kid Crochet, came from his birth name of Dino Paul Crocetti and he boxed in the welterweight class. Dean summed up his career as a boxer by saying, "I won all but 11 of 12 fights."

Which Rat Pack member got the caps on his two front teeth knocked out in a fight with a casino executive?

Sinatra got into an altercation at the Sands in 1967 over a $400,000 line of credit for gambling. Sinatra had both front teeth caps knocked off by the casino executive, Carl Cohen.

Who was the last Rat Pack member to die?

Peter Lawford died in 1984 at age 61, Sammy Davis, Jr., in 1990 at age 64, Dean Martin in 1995 at age 78, and Frank Sinatra in 1998 at age 82. Joey Bishop died October17, 2007, at age 89, of natural causes, at his Newport Beach, California, home.

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