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"The Patriot" is an epic, American Revolutionary War film written by Robert Rodat and directed by Roland Emmerich. How well do you remember "The Patriot"? Find out by taking this quiz.

How many children did Benjamin Martin have?

“I have seven children. My wife is dead. Now, who’s to care for them if I go to war?”

How did Gabriel disobey his father?

“Do you intend to enlist without my permission?” “Yes, I do.”

Why did Benjamin refuse to vote for going to war?

"I will not fight. And because I will not fight, I will not cast a vote that will send others to fight in my stead."

When the British come near Benjamin’s home, what does he do to try to save it?

The producers knew that there were a few people who chose to have freed men instead of slaves on their plantations. They wanted to make a man like that their hero instead of a slave owner.

How old did Benjamin say Thomas needed to be before he joined the militia?

“That’s two years. It’s already been two. The war could be over by then… All right, seventeen.”

In which war had Benjamin previously served?

The French and Indian War was the American theater of the Seven Years War between the French and British. Since the French had fewer people in America, they allied themselves with the Indians.

What job did Gabriel have in the militia?

"Colonel, this is a uniformed dispatch rider carrying a marked case. He cannot be held as a spy."

Which of Benjamin’s children was the first to die in the war?

General Banastre Tarleton, on whom Colonel William Tavington was based, wasted his £5,000 inheritance in less than a year after his father’s death. He was known for his atrocities, particularly during the Battle of Waxhaws when his horse was shot from under him at the moment the Americans raised their flag in surrender. This prompted Tavington’s troops to massacre the remaining Americans.

What rule did Benjamin teach his sons about shooting?

"What did I tell you fellas about shooting? …Aim small; miss small."

Which actor played Benjamin Martin?

Mel Gibson (born January 3, 1956) had seven children with his ex-wife, Robyn Moore. He also supports Healing the Children, which provides life-saving medical treatment to needy children. He is a devout Catholic, which has created controversy because of his staunch adherence to his faith.

Finish the quote: "I have long feared that ________________________, and the cost is more than I can bear."

"I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear."

Who took care of the children when Benjamin first decided to go to war?

General Gates was a real general, notorious for running from the battlefield at Camden after overestimating his untrained troops’ ability against the British, which led to the largest defeat for the Americans during the entire war. He is infamous for making the almost 200-mile retreat in three days and also for attempting to have Congress remove Washington as head of the army so he could have that position.

What country was sending the southern troops reinforcements?

"Unless we can keep Cornwallis in the South until the French arrive. They’ve promised a fleet and 10,000 troops."

Who encouraged the men to join in the first church where Gabriel was trying to recruit militia?

Most of the Americans who fought were inexperienced in battle. Most of the extras in the movie were entirely digital.

What rank is Benjamin given when he finally joins the militia?

"[He has] 8,000 infantry, 600 cavalry. I’m giving you a field commission as a colonel."

What did Benjamin do with Thomas’ toy soldiers?

The writer created the symbolism of changing a child’s toy into a weapon. There was also symbolism in the way Gabriel went to a church to recruit men while Benjamin went to the roughest taverns.

Who trained Benjamin’s branch of the militia?

"Benjamin Martin, Major Jean Villeneuve, French Seventh Light Foot. He’s here to help train the militia."

Who played Gabriel Martin?

Heath Ledger (April 4, 1979-January 22, 2008) struggled with bouts of insomnia throughout his life. Right after finishing "The Dark Knight," and while "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was in production, he passed away from a deadly mixture of sleeping pills.

Finish the quote: " If the conduct of your officers is the measure of a gentleman, _____________________."

“This is not the conduct of a gentleman!” "If the conduct of your officers is the measure of a gentleman, then I’ll take that as a compliment."

Anne’s father was impaired in which way?

The producers found letters written by Abigail Adams, as well as some other research that showed women did speak out about their beliefs during that time period . The character of Anne was based on this research.

What weakness did General Cornwallis have, according to Benjamin?

"And perhaps that’s his weakness… Pride. Pride’s a weakness."

What did Anne’s parents do to keep Gabriel and Anne from having sex when Gabriel spent the night?

The tradition of bundling a girl in a sack when her suitor spent the night was something that actually happened, but the parents would have remained sleeping in the room with the couple. Although reportedly ineffective, bundling was also used when soldiers needed to seek quarter in civilian homes and parents wished to protect their children’s virginity.

What nickname did the British give Benjamin and his troops?

“Yes, a ghost. He was like a ghost.”

What trick did Gabriel play on Anne as a child which Anne repeated on Gabriel in the movie?

The village of Pembroke was built from scratch. The producers could not find a modern town that retained the 18th-century look they wanted.

Where did Benjamin slaughter the French in an act of revenge prior to Gabriel’s birth?

"Father, wherever you go, men buy you drinks because of what happened at Fort Wilderness. Strangers know more about you than I do."

How did Benjamin get his captured men back?

The gallows used for hanging in "The Patriot" used a trap door. However, this form of hanging was not invented until much later. At the time, they would have been hung using a ladder, a horse, or a cart. In many cases, the victim would not lose consciousness immediately. Present-day hangings are mathematically calculated so those who are hung pass out right away.

Where did Aunt Charlotte and the children hide when the British soldiers were searching her house?

"This way. Follow me. We’ll go downstairs to the kitchen."

Where did Gabriel take Charlotte and the children to hide after her house was burned?

The interior of Charlotte’s house was a real home from that period. The producers thought the curator was going to have a heart attack when she saw them walk into the house with torches. They covered the ceilings to prevent damage and used torches that could be switched off instantly if necessary.

What milestone did Susan achieve while Benjamin and Gabriel were away?

"She spoke? Susan talked to you?”

How long did Benjamin give the men as furlough when their homes were attacked?

The final scene shot in the swamp was Benjamin telling Gabriel about his past. It was so cold that you could see Gabriel’s breath while he is talking. The swamp froze the next day.

What was on the necklace that belonged to Benjamin’s wife?

"I have something for you. It belonged to Gabriel’s mother… It’s the North Star."

How long did Occam have to serve in the military to earn his freedom?

The British first offered slaves freedom for fighting on their side. However, the American Army soon followed suit and offered the same freedom in exchange for the slaves fighting for them.

Finish the quote, "Before this war is over, _____________."

"Before this war is over, I’m going to kill you." “Why wait?”

How did Anne die?

The British were most offended by this scene. Although Nazi’s did herd an entire village into a church and burned it to the ground in Oradur-sur-Glane, France, the British (including Tarleton) never did such an atrocity during the Revolutionary War. Tarleton did burn churches, and some families burned to death in their homes, so the producers felt this was an acceptable deviation from history.

What did Harry name his son?

Harry named his son Gabriel.

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