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"Erin Brockovich" was based on the true story of a female legal clerk who collected enough evidence to win one of the largest settlements in history for her clients. Do you remember "Erin Brockovich?" Find out by taking this quiz.

Which actress played Erin Brockovich?

Julia Roberts (born October 28, 1967) was chosen for the role and agreed to do the film before the director was chosen. After reading the script, Steven Soderbergh said he would not have chosen any other actress for the role.

Why did Erin go to see Mr. Masry the first time?

The screenwriter, Carla Santos Shamberg, first heard about Erin Brockovich while at the chiropractor. Initially, the chiropractor wanted to write the screenplay, but Shamberg became fascinated with the story of a woman who had no resources or money but was able to single-handedly prepare a successful lawsuit against a giant corporation.

Finish the quote "Do they teach lawyers to apologize? ______________________."

" Do they teach lawyers to apologize? Because you [stink] at it."

Why did Mr. Masry say Erin lost her case?

Erin Brockovich really does swear. She said, "I had a potty mouth in the movie, and I still do." However, she corrects the misconception she was brought up uneducated. Her father was an industrial engineer, and her mother was an English major.

How many kids does Erin have?

"I couldn't take the pain killers because they made me too groggy to take care of my kids. Matthew's eight, and Katie's almost six, and Beth's just nine months."

What did Erin see in her sink that made her jump?

According to Bloomberg, Tampa, FL is the most cockroach-infested city in the United States. Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, and San Antonio, TX are also high on the list while Detroit, MI, Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA and New York, NY, are the least infested. However, cities in California, where Erin lived, were not included in the study.

What was the first job Erin Brockovich tried to get?

"Um—you have no actual medical training?" "No, I have kids. Learned a lot right there."

Where did Erin finally find a job?

Others in Mr. Masry's office frequently told him to fire her. The accounting department did not like that she was not always working in the office. Other women complained about her clothing and one even measured her skirt to show Mr. Masry it was more than four inches above the knee (breaking office dress policy).

What did Mr. Masry tell Erin she should do to fit in better with the other office girls?

"Uh—look, now, you may want… Now that you're working here, you may want to, uh, rethink your wardrobe a little… I think, uh, some of the girls are a little uncomfortable because of what you wear."

How much money did Mr. Masry give Erin as an advance for the weekend right after she started working?

A deleted scene showed Erin stealing cough syrup for her baby, which really happened. The real-life Erin said it was difficult to watch Julia Roberts because, she did such a good job, it brought back memories from a not-so-good time in her life.

What kind of chromium did the professor say was dangerous?

"Then there's chrome six—hexavalent chromium—which, depending on the amounts, can be very harmful… With repeated exposure to toxic levels… anything really from chronic headaches and nosebleeds, to respiratory disease, liver failure, heart failure, reproductive failure, bone or organ deterioration plus, of course, any type of cancer."

What was Erin's new neighbor like?

George, played by Aaron Eckhart, was involved with Erin, but went his separate way. Aaron Eckhart went on to play a lawyer, Harvey Dent, in "Batman: The Dark Knight."

What did Erin find that was unusual in the real estate files?

"Anna, with this real estate stuff, could you remind me -- because I'm a little confused -- exactly how we do it? Why are there medical records and blood samples in real estate files?"

What did the new babysitter do with Erin's kids that made Erin never take them back to her?

Many of the side characters, such as the babysitters and Hinkley residents, were amalgamations of multiple people. They did this to protect the identities of those involved.

Why did Erin get fired?

"You've been gone for a week… That's not how we work here. You don't just leave a message and take off."

What did Erin want to devote her entire reign as Miss Wichita to doing?

Miss Wichita won the Miss Kansas competition nine times and went on to compete in the Miss America pageant. In the 1920s, Miss Wichita went directly to the precursor of the Miss America pageant without first competing and becoming Miss Kansas. It wasn't until 1941 the Miss America Pageant became an annual event that also regulated state and local pageants.

What made Mr. Masry offer Erin her job back?

"Look, what is all this? Uh, what's the story on this cancer stuff?"

How much does Mr. Masry get if they lose the court case?

"Then I don't get anything either." "Plus, he's out all the costs."

When it sunk in that PG&E had lied, what was Mrs. Jensen's first reaction?

"Ashley! Shannon! Get out of the pool… Because I said so, that's why!"

What happened to the Robinson's chickens?

"The vets said they had a bunch of tumors and stuff, and you can see, they couldn't really walk."

In addition to talking to homeowners and looking through records, what else did Erin do to gather evidence?

California has the strictest drinking water regulations of 0.01 mg/L. The World Health Organization set its limit at 0.05 mg/L (set in 1996) and the Environmental Protection agency set its limit at 0.1 mg/L (set in 1991).

Who does Erin think told PG&E about her, which prompted the nasty phone call?

Erin never intentionally used her looks to get what she wanted. She felt the clothing she wore was "fun" and could not understand why people judged her negatively because of it. When the screenwriter first saw Erin on her doorstep, she was also taken aback, but took the time to talk with her and soon got over it.

What did Beth do for the first time while Erin was away researching water bills?

"Come to think of it, we had a pretty big event around here… Beth started talking."

What didn't the company do with the ponds to prevent them from contaminating the groundwater?

Erin was dyslexic, and to overcome the problems it caused her, she memorized the files as she had done with other important reading material in her life.

What did PG&E use the hexavalent chromium to do?

"They used the hexachrome here, in these cooling towers, as an anticorrosive. Then, they dump the excess water into these ponds."

What did George buy Erin but not give her for six months?

One scene that was deleted showed the green, hexavalent chromium dirt under the sand. Although Erin really did find green dirt and had photos of it, it was much closer to the plant and her children were not playing in it as they were in the scene. Soderbergh did not want to exaggerate -- since the story was tragic enough as it was -- and so the scene was cut.

How did the judge rule when Mr. Masry filed the lawsuit against PG&E?

The man who played Judge LeRoy A. Simmons was the actual judge who ruled on the lawsuit. He came out of retirement to perform the role.

What did Mr. Masry give Erin when she got upset about the new partner?

At the beginning of the movie, when Erin takes her kids to the restaurant on her last dime, the waitress that serves them is the real Erin Brockovich. Mr. Masry could also be viewed in that scene, sitting behind Julia Roberts as another customer in the restaurant.

What made the people of Hinkley distrust the lawsuit?

The director filmed on location when possible. Because of this, the town hall meeting and barbeque were filled with many of the residents involved in the lawsuit. The production crew was especially careful to treat the extras with respect, so they would not get a bad feeling about the movie.

What medical problems did Mandy Robinson have that could be linked to the hexavalent chromium?

Mice and rats exposed to hexavalent chromium have fewer babies and more miscarriages. It is a known animal and human carcinogen, especially when inhaled. In humans, it has been shown to cause mutations, stomach problems, and excessive bleeding.

How many people eventually signed the papers for arbitration?

It was a total of five years from the time Erin began working on the case until the time it was settled (1991-1996). The company had known there was a pollution problem since 1965.

What was the name of the guy who had been watching Erin at the barbeque and town meeting but didn't talk to her until they met in a bar?

Robert Morgan began a study in Hinkley in 1996—after the case was settled. In his 12-year study, he claimed the residents of Hinkley had less cancer than expected. However, he never studied or linked the amounts of hexavalent chromium present in any of the study-subjects' water after the PG&E cleanup, and most of the contaminated properties were no longer inhabited.

What made Mr. Embry come forward?

"My cousin passed away yesterday. He had kidney tumors, no colon: His intestines were eaten away—41 years old."

How much did the judge give to the Jensens alone?

Using the residents as extras and filming on location helped improve the reality of the film. They also copied the real college degrees and memorabilia directly from the judge's office so they could be recreated on film.

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