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"Fiddler on the Roof" was highly successful in America and abroad. It won three Academy Awards and one Golden Globe and was nominated for many more. How well do you remember "Fiddler on the Roof"? Find out by taking this quiz.

Throughout the movie, Tevye frequently paused and spoke to the camera when he was talking to whom?

In order to have Tevye always looking at the same spot, they used a stick with a bull's-eye on the end. In the theater, he would look to the right-hand side of the upper balcony.


In which country did "The Fiddler on the Roof" take place?

"Fiddler on the Roof" was filmed in Yugoslavia, even though it took place in Ukraine, which was then part of the Russian Empire. The town in the book was Boyberik (based on Boyarka), Ukraine. Most of the extras used were Yugoslavian.


To which religious tradition did Tevye belong?

Everything was choreographed to music. They would create the music first and then play it in the background while the actors were doing the scene to keep the movements with the music.


What tradition did Tevye's daughters primarily challenge throughout the film?

The director picked Tevye's horse because he felt it resembled the main character. Although it wasn't trained beyond being a workhorse, it walked whenever Tevye walked and stopped whenever he stopped.


Finish the quote "As the Good Book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, ______________________."

"We don't eat like kings, but we don't starve either. As the Good Book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick."


What did Tevye do for a living?

Tevye's horse was chosen from many horses who were old and on their way to the glue factory. After the movie was finished, the director continued sending money for the horse's care, and it was allowed to live in a pasture for the rest of its natural life, which ended up being about four more years.


What was the name of the matchmaker?

"Mama! Mama! Yente, the matchmaker, is coming."


How many daughters did Tevye have?

"It's enough You pick on me, bless me with five daughters, a life of poverty. That's all right, but what have You got against my horse?"


What match did the matchmaker arrange for Tzeitel?

"It's about Lazar Wolf, the butcher, a good man, a fine man, and I don't have to tell you he's well off, no?"


Tevye offered Perchik lessons in exchange for what?

"I'd like them to know the Good Book… Perchik, I'm a very poor man, but food for lessons, huh?"


Which two people joined Tevye's family for Sabbath?

"Golde, this is Perchik from Kiev. He'll be staying the Sabbath with us..." "…Motel, you’re also eating with us?"


How did Perchik get in trouble?

Paul Michael Glaser (born March 25, 1943) has blue eyes, but the director made him wear brown contacts for the film, believing brown eyes to be more in character. Famed for his role in the television show, "Starsky & Hutch," as well as his work on Fiddler, his first wife, Elizabeth, passed away from HIV she got through a transfusion.


When Tevye went to see Lazar Wolf, what did he initially think the conversation was about?

"Of course, I know. We're talking about my new milk cow, the one you want to buy from me."


How did Tevye tell his wife Motel would be marrying Tzeitel instead of Lazar Wolf?

Director Jewison was unsatisfied with all the actors he saw portraying Lazar Wolf on the stage. He called in famed acting teacher Paul Mann (1913-1985) to help.


What was the name of Tevye's oldest daughter?

"Tzeitel, you're the oldest. They have to make a match for you before they can make one for me."


Which actor played Tevye?

Chaim Topol (born September 9, 1935) was chosen to portray Tevye in the film because the director believed the other character associated with the role, Zero Mostel, was too comedic in his portrayal. Since Topol was only 35 at the time the film was produced, gray hairs from the director's beard were plucked and added to Topol's beard each day to make him look older.


What does l'chaim mean?

"And most important of all, to life, to life, l'chaim. l'chaim, l'chaim, to life… Drink l'chaim to life…"


How did Chava meet Fyedka?

Although the pogrom depicted took place in Tzarist Russia, the Soviet Union still felt it was anti-Russian. As a result, only Tito (Yugoslavia's leader) openly accepted the film crew.


What did Perchik do to Hodel that changed her mind about him?

"Do you know that in the city, boys and girls… even dance together! New dances like this."


Why did the constable show up at Tzeitel's wedding?

Jamison struggled to transition naturally into song and dance numbers so the film would use them as a part of life. He also avoided adding professional dancers, except for the scene in the tavern where he wanted the Russian dancers to be larger than life in the small space.


What song was sung during Tzeitel's wedding ceremony?

"They look so natural together. Just like two newlyweds should be. Is there a canopy in store for me? Sunrise, sunset…"


When Perchik asked Hodel to marry him, what kind of question did he say it was?

The book, "Tevye the Milkman" (also called "Tevye and His Daughters," "Tevye's Daughters" or "Tevye the Milkman"), was written by Sholem Aleichem (1859-1916) in Yiddish in 1894. Many other stage and screen versions of the stories were released before the creation of "Fiddler on the Roof" in 1964, and the film version in 1971.


"Quiet, woman, before I get angry! Because when I get angry, ________________."

"Quiet, woman, before I get angry! Because when I get angry, even flies don't dare to fly."


Who got Perchik's letter from the post office and gave it to Tzeitel for her sister?

Tutte Lemkow (1918-1991) played the role of the fiddler and had a strong dance background. He also had a role in "Ben-Hur," "Red Sonja," and "Raiders of the Lost Ark," as well as other movies and British television shows.


After Perchik and Hodel were engaged what question did Tevye ask his wife in song?

"No, Golde, I'm asking you a question: Do you love me?"


Where did Hodel marry Perchik?

In the play, there is a song, "Now I Have Everything," that occurs when Perchik asks Hodel to marry him. The song Perchik sang in the film at his engagement to Hodel was cut from the final movie.


What was the main reason Tevye forbade Chava from being around Fyedka?

"Are you out of your mind? …Don't you understand what that means -- marrying outside of the faith?


Which daughter's marriage did Tevye refuse to accept?

In the book, Tevye never accepted Chava's marriage, and the family mourned for a week. The book ended with Chava leaving her husband and wanting to return to her Jewish family.


What kind of man did Golde, the girls' mother, want for them?

"For Papa, make him a scholar. For Mama, make him rich as a king."


Who went to the Russian Orthodox church looking for Chava?

The film was shot through a silk stocking to help give it the correct texture and set it in the time period. The stocking gave it an amber tone to add more warmth.


What new machine did Motel get?

"It's a sewing machine! It can work twice as fast."


Near the end of the movie, what did the Constable announce to everyone gathered outside Tevye's house?

The cavalry used in the Kiev scenes were one of the last Yugoslavian mounted police units, which the director supplied with period costumes. Their swords were coated in chrome to help catch the light.


Why had the Constable thought Tevye would be spared?

"Stop it! At first, I thought you might be spared, Tevye, because of the marriage of your daughter."


How long did the Jewish people have to sell their homes and evacuate?

During Fiddler, the seasons changed from spring to winter. In addition, by the end of the movie, the director got rid of most of the color so that the final scenes were almost filmed in black and white.


At the end of the movie, where did Yente decide to go?

"Guess where. Nah, you'll never guess. Every year at Passover, what do we say? Next year in Jerusalem."


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