What Crystal Brings You Positive Vibes?

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About This Quiz

When you understand that every object in the universe has a vibration, force or pull (think gravity), you can understand how different crystals when held, worn or placed close to the body can interact with your personal energy. And although crystals can be used to bring physical healing to different parts of your body, in this quiz we will help you find the perfect high-energy crystal for your mental well-being.

In this quiz, you'll be asked a series of questions that will help us understand your current state and mood. You'll be queried on your likes, dislikes, social interactions and attitudes. Then, we'll match you with the perfect crystal to cleanse any negative energy and thoughts. This crystal will turn up the volume on those clear-thinking, positive vibes that help you live life to the fullest. Be aware that the crystal selected for you is just a start, as it is dependent on your mood at this moment. If your long-term goals are financial abundance or a passionate romance, you may want to add more crystals into your physical space to help you achieve the future you've envisioned. Start this quiz right now and get ready to be energized!   

Which of these situations makes you the most envious?

How would you describe your energy level?

If your friends were asked about your love life, what would they say?

Are you more logical or emotional?

Would you say you love yourself?

If you could take on someone else's persona, what kind of person would it be?

You're at a party and you don't know many people. Where will we find you?

If you ordered these traits from most important to least important, what would it look like?

Which of these would make you the happiest?

If you could wish for something for a loved one, what would it be?

What angers you most?

What hobby would you most likely take up?

How did your last romantic relationship end?

What is your primary goal in life?

What trait do you appreciate most in a romantic partner?

What is one of your most unflattering personality traits?

What do you do when you hate the world?

Which quote feels like you?

What kind of people do you avoid?

Which of these words describes you when you're at your best?

What is your current relationship status?

Which of these dates sounds the most fun to you?

You hate it when your partner is what?

If you have an ailment, what typically is affected?

Where do you go to relax?

What are Sundays great for?

Are you shy or outgoing?

How would your best friend describe your wardrobe?

What is the first thing you do when you get up?

Do you give good advice?

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