What Color of Cat Guards Your Soul?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Akimasa Harada / Moment / Getty Images

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You should already feel safer know that a cat is guarding your soul. Recent research has shown that common housecats share the same killer instincts as their bigger counterparts. Luckily for us, they are not big enough to turn us into Meow Mix. It's this very ferociousness that makes them wonderful soul guardians.

Before we can figure out which color of cat keeps you out of harm's way, we're going to have to get to know you as well as your pets. Through a series of questions, we'll get to know your soul better than your guardian angel. Then, we'll figure out which cat makes sure the mice stay far out in your field.

Whether your soul is guarded by an orange cat, a black cat or a cat of many colors can depend on a lot of things. As we claw our way into your psyche, please keep in mind that we are simply trying to help. Once you know what color cat guards your soul, you can envision it and summon it whenever you need it. We also recommend naming it, but we'll leave that one up to you. 

What color cat guards your soul? Now's your chance to find out! 

Which big cat is most majestic?

What word sums up your heart?

Do you have any cats?

How do you feel about dogs?

What do cats do when they are home alone?

Where should a litter box be placed?

What do cats dream about?

Which kind of fish tastes the best?

What do you like most about house cats?

If you adopted a cat, which breed would you prefer?

Are you afraid of mice?

How would you stop a dog from chasing you?

Are cats more intelligent than humans?

What flavor would you prefer for dinner?

Why do cats clean themselves in public?

Which cartoon cat do you like most?

Do you take a lot of naps?

Which one of your senses is the sharpest?

What would you do if you found a stray cat?

What percent crazy cat person do you think you are?

Do you have a spirit animal?

How aggressive are you?

Which name would you give to a new cat?

Do you enjoy going to the aquarium?

Which of your traits do you share with cats?

Would you throw a birthday party for a cat?

Which actress made the best Catwoman?

Are you a social animal?

Where is the best place to take a nap?

What is your favorite cat noise?

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