What classic Halloween costume should you wear?

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Still haven't decided on a costume? If you're looking for something traditional but very much "you," take this quiz to find out how you should dress on October 31st!

What color best embodies your personality?

Which of these sounds like the ideal evening?

Which of these are your favorite actor?

What is the most important quality in a mate?

What's your favorite movie genre?

Which of these things do you not find attractive on a woman?

How would you describe your laugh?

Your ideal superpower?

What angers you most?

Your favorite activity to do with music?

What is your favorite article of clothing?

How would you describe yourself politically?

Your favorite reality TV show?

What is your secret weapon?

Which time period do you most relate to?

What quality do you have that annoys people?

Your favorite sport?

What do you most want to succeed at?

Which of these things do you most respect?

Your favorite food?

The sexiest body part?

What's your favorite kind of formal wear?

Your favorite animal?

How do you stay in shape?

Which insult have you gotten?

What chores are you good at?

Did you get into a lot of trouble as a kid?

Do you like scaring people?

Your favorite European country?

What do you do first thing in the morning?

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