What % Cat Are You?

By Teresa M. on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

You might not think you have as much in common with a cat as you actually do! Think about the number of naps you take. Are you picky about food? Do you get a kick out of knocking things off a table and breaking them? We haven't even started the quiz, and we're sure you see where this is going. We want to examine your personality and match you up with your percentage cat. 

Some cats enjoy when their owners pet them in the same way that you love getting a hug. Other cats shy away from any affection but remain rulers of their homes. You don't have to lick your bottom or come up with your meow to be part cat. Anyone and everyone can be part feline. It just depends on your natural instincts and how far you would go to catch a fish in an aquarium. 

As you go through the cat quiz, you'll probably have to ask your cat to get off your keyboard politely. Don't worry; we're patient! We wouldn't want to do anything to upset the king or queen of your domain. Place the cat comfortable in your lap and begin.

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