What Cartoon Cat Are You?

By Ashley D on February 16, 2018

About This Quiz

If you think all cats do is just lay around, fix you with a demanding stare when hungry, and cuddle on their own schedule, you could be right. But cats are deeper than that in personality, quirks and silliness. In fact, the types of cats we are comparing you to are unique in and of themselves. 

Are you a bouncy, trouncy cat? Or a steely, determined cat that always gets what he or she wants? Are you a lazy, critical cat, turning your nose up if you're not satisfied? Or are you that fun cat who wants to be the center of attention? You know, the type of cat that lays on your keyboard while you try to work. Get the picture? Then take the quiz and find out what your cartoon kitty personality would be if you turned into a feline. 

The questions on the quiz are revealing. They are questions about how you interact socially, what your likes and dislikes are, and what types of words best describe you. The answers form a picture of your personality, characteristics and traits. We will match those answers to cartoon characters you’ve loved over the years and still recall today. Are you getting curious? Well, you'd better take the quiz right away - we don’t want to kill any would-be cats.

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