What breed of dog are you?

By Teresa M. on February 03, 2018

About This Quiz

Have you ever heard someone say that owners start to look like their dogs? We spend so much time training them, cleaning up after them, and feeding them that they might as well be one of our children! In this quiz, we're going to examine you. Then, we're going to pair you up with the dog you would be if, of course, you actually were one of our four-legged friends. 

Think about it! Some of us follow direction better than others. Just like some dogs are great with commands, and some get distracted by every little breeze. Many of our human characteristics can be translated to dog traits. Are you the type that would do most anything for a treat, or are you more motivated by praise? Finding out the things you like and how you respond to life, will help us to find the dog you have the most in common with. 

Do you get jumpy when someone knocks on the door, or do you run with excitement to answer it? Depending on how you react, you could be a Pug or a German Shepherd! Grab yourself a bone, and answer as truthfully as you can. We'll tell you what dog you are, and you won't even have to pee outside to find out! 

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