What Bible Stories Are Represented in These Famous Paintings?

By Jules on July 26, 2018

About This Quiz

Bible stories are already powerful with their strong characters, moral dilemmas and lessons learned. Once painted on canvas, these Bible stories come to life -- the triumphs and tragedies within the scenes evoke passionate emotions. These feeling are further heightened by the visual interpretations from the artistic masters of the times. From Rembrandt to Chagall to Salvador Dalí, the masters apply light, color, and perspective to draw viewers in and take their breath away. 

Historically, these paintings held an important role in society. Biblical images were valued both as lessons for the unlettered and to enhance the experience of the faithful. In a society that laid great emphasis on religion, artists performed an indispensable service. Thankfully, they had many narratives from which to choose. The accounts and testimony from The Old Testament and The New Testament are numerous, with subjects that were as delicate as an angel, or as anguished as Abraham when sacrificing his only son. 

It's amazing how some scenes can invoke an entire biblical story -- Noah's Ark, The Crucifixion, Cain and Abel -- to name a few. Test your knowledge and your recall of your favorite Bible stories. You'll also be enchanted at the paintings that depict them. Challenge yourself by taking this quiz right now. 

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