What are you afraid of?

By: Carrie
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What are you afraid of?
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Answer a few questions and we will tell you what kind of phobia you might have!
When you drive by the local high school, what is your reaction?
What are those kids doing? Why are they all standing around like that? They must be plotting something.
So happy to see so many kids getting off the bus. Wouldn't want anything to happen to them while walking or riding their bikes to school.
So glad I don't have to be there.
Man, I used to have some serious anxiety during finals week.
You are watching Jay Leno on TV. What are you thinking about?
Is there ice cream in the freezer? It is too late to be eating ice cream but I really want some.
Wow, look at the size of that chin! Is that normal?
Why aren't these kids in bed so I can watch my show in peace!
Oh geez, I hope he doesn't have any cat videos on tonight.
You walk along the boardwalk at the beach. What are you thinking about?
What is that in that man's belly button? He really needs to clean that out!
I need to go to the gym. I am in no shape to be at the beach right now.
Is that cat carrying a dead fish? Gross, filthy beast!
This is so much better than being at school.


You are watching Grease on TV. You love that movie, but what are you thinking about?
Women's fashion was so much better back then. Their pants and shorts cover their midsections and nothing hangs out.
I better put down this sandwich or I won't ever fit into those pants and look like "Rebellious Sandy" when she is dancing with Danny.
Danny better be careful when he shaves otherwise he might cut himself trying to get those hairs in that chin dimple.
I don't like any movie about high school.
Kyle XY was a pretty good show. What do you remember about it?
The no belly button thing was weird.
Not sure what was so special about him, all teenagers lack most human behaviors like love, humor and intelligence. That is what being a teenager is about, right?
The actor was 24 years old and was playing a teenager when the show started. TWENTY FOUR.
I wonder how much experimenting they did on him once they figured out he wasn't normal
Your mom is planting a garden and wants you to help.
What do we need a garden for? I am happy with my processed and packaged foods.
No no. Cats will use it as a litter box and we will wind up eating cat poo carrots.
Perfect! Fresh vegetables every day!
I'd rather enjoy this nice weather by digging in the dirt than risking my life pedaling my bike!


It is the last day of 8th grade. How do you feel?
Thank goodness! I can make it in life with an 8th grade education. You can't stop me!
I really hope my T-zone clears up over the summer. These pimples on my nose and chin are really bumming me out.
I am stuck going to summer school which means more tests. Noooooo!!!!
I'll get to go to high school next year. It is further away so hopefully I'll get to ride the bus rather than ride my bike.
You recite "this little piggy goes to market." What are you thinking about?
Pigs are good animals. Dogs, cats, horses, birds: not so much.
Why is the piggy going to market? Is he going shopping? For what??
Did you know pigs have belly buttons, too? All mammals do. Weird.
If the wolf switched rhymes, the piggy that stayed home would really need to shave those hairs on his chinny-chin-chin.
Victoria Secret model Karolina Kurkova walks by sporting her Angel wings. What do you think?
Maybe if I ate more vegetables I could look like her.
She has no belly button! WHY????
You mistake her for a really tall 12 year old.
You wonder if there could be a giant monster cat lurking that might think she is a bird!


The Tour de France bike race is on TV. What do you do?
Change the channel. Why would anyone race bikes? People get hurt doing that!
Get worried for the athletes that they might have to take drug tests, but hope that they pass.
Wonder if riding your bike all over France (or your neighborhood) would make you lean and mean like the racers!
They eat a ton of rice and pasta which is awesome because that means fewer terrible vegetables.

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