What are you afraid of?

By: Carrie
Image: Plamuekwhan/Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Answer a few questions and we will tell you what kind of phobia you might have!

When you drive by the local high school, what is your reaction?

You are watching Jay Leno on TV. What are you thinking about?

You walk along the boardwalk at the beach. What are you thinking about?

You are watching Grease on TV. You love that movie, but what are you thinking about?

Kyle XY was a pretty good show. What do you remember about it?

Your mom is planting a garden and wants you to help.

It is the last day of 8th grade. How do you feel?

You recite "this little piggy goes to market." What are you thinking about?

Victoria Secret model Karolina Kurkova walks by sporting her Angel wings. What do you think?

The Tour de France bike race is on TV. What do you do?

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