What Apex Predator Are You?

Brian Whitney

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An apex predator is one that resides at the very top of the food chain and has no other predator preys upon it. You know you are one, but which one is most like you?

How good looking are you?

You see something you want, how do you get it?

Where would you most like to hang out?

What body of water do you want to hang out at?

What sounds really tempting to eat?

Which actor is your favorite?

How much of a loner are you?

As a predator, what would you think if you saw a human?

What is your most attractive quality?

Who were you in high school?

What type of restaurant would you go to?

A man is bothering you and your date while out at a club. What do you do?

How do you act at a party?

Where do you like to chill out?

Are you tight with your mom?

How would you describe your friends?

What sport do you think you'd be great at?

Why does no one mess with you?

What is one word that others would use to describe you?

Can people tell when you are mad?

Would you make a good boss?

How are you in relationships?

How big is your crew?

Are you good at sports?

Do people think you are lazy?

How do you argue?

What would be a good job for you?

Are you streetsmart?

Do you have tattoos?

Have you ever pretended to be a log?

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