What Animal Was Your Dog in a Past Life?

By Bri O. on February 05, 2018

About This Quiz

How well do you know the furry creature you call your pet-friend? Can you predict their every need? Do you get confused about why they're barking at nothing? Do they have strange quirks you ever wonder about the origin of? Do they have a bad habit you just can't get them to stop doing, like relentlessly digging up the lawn or barking at the delivery person?

Even if you spend day-in and day-out with your dog, there is only so much you can know about their past lives. This quiz will help you uncover even more about how your pup has come to be the amazing and unique dog that they are today. You might be surprised at the answer, even if you think you know your pet so well!

Whether or not you believe in all this past life "mumbo jumbo," as long as you love and want to understand your pup better, this is the quiz for you! It might help you think about things you otherwise wouldn't and/or learn more about animals who share interesting similarities with your dog. 

Test how well you know your pup with this quiz and we'll tell you what animal they were in a past life! 

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