What 2017 Winter Fashion Trend Should You Try?

By Teresa M. on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

FRESH OFF THE RUNWAY! With every new season comes a list of new fashion trends that everyone's trying to get into their closet and on their bodies. From edgy and chic to simple and stylish, what 2017 winter fashion trend should you try?

If your style is simple and understated, you might opt for the classic and ever-present hoodie. This item of clothing can work well with any almost any look, especially if you're a more casual person! For those who are cold and want to make more of a statement, you could try a brightly colored puffer jacket. While the material will keep you warm, it is an ideal piece for creating a bold street-style look. Rather than going for over the knee boots, you might be destined to try platform boots. This look will help elevate your style without forcing you to walk around in stilettos all day and in the snow for that matter! 

Are you trying to revamp your closet? Before you do, figure out which 2017 winter fashion trend you should try! A quick change in style could propel you from the sidewalk r to a catwalk in New York City!

Let's find out which style is for you!

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