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By: Olivia Cantor

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West Side Story is one of the classic films loved by cineastes all over the world. Though made and shown during the 1960s, the film still carries a timeless tale as well as timeless tunes. A true blue fan will know the details of this movie. Ready for that challenge? Take this quiz now!

West Side Story is one of the most famous films from this kind of genre.

The 1961 movie musical is one of the most well-loved all over the world.

The movie musical is actually based on this kind of material.

West Side Story was a 1957 Broadway musical first.

West Side Story’s basic story arc is actually inspired by this Shakespearean play.

West Side Story transported Varona’s Romeo and Juliet to the West Side of Manhattan, New York.

Who are the star-crossed lovers in the movie musical?

Tony is a white boy while Maria is a Latina girl in racially charged New York.

Who played Maria?

Natalie accidentally got the role while accompanying her then boyfriend in the audition.

Who played Tony?

Beymer also had a TV career with many significant roles and guestings.

The family feud between the Capulets and the Montagues were translated into a racial feud. What two races were feuding in this musical?

The white characters are second generation European immigrants while the Puerto Ricans are new immigrants.

While Natalie Wood acted perfectly as Maria, this singer dubbed her singing voice.

Some of Marni Nixon’s dubbing work went uncredited in some films.

The rival families of Romeo and Juliet became a rivalry between these in West Side Story.

Teen gangs also group together based on their social class and race as well.

Tony belonged to which teen gang?

The Jets were the white boys' gang.

Meanwhile, Maria indirectly belonged to this teen gang due to her association with its members.

The Sharks were the Puerto Rican boys' gang.

Who is the leader of The Jets?

Riff and Tony are best friends.

Who is the leader of The Sharks?

Bernardo is the suave and smart kind of leader.

How is Bernardo related to Maria?

Bernardo is overprotective of his little sister Maria.

Bernardo wants Maria to be with someone from their own turf and race. Who was paired to her, then?

Chino genuinely liked Maria, but unfortunately, it’s unrequited.

He owns the drugstore where Tony works.

Doc serves as Tony’s wise advisor sometimes, and an observer of goings-on in their neighborhood.

In this song, Tony sings about feeling a new change in the air.

"Something’s Coming" is one of the first solo numbers in the musical.

The Jets want to challenge The Sharks to this kind of “meeting."

Their rumble has established rules, though.

Where does Tony meet Maria for the first time?

Tony and Maria had no idea about each other’s ethnic background prior to liking each other.

This song narrates non-English-speaking immigrants’ woes in the US.

Sadly, the sentiments echoed in "America" still ring true today.

Tony tries to secretly meet up with Maria in these kinds of structures in their buildings.

This fire escape scene is one of the most recognizable scenes in film history.

This song says “Say it loud and there's music playing/ Say it soft and it's almost like praying."

Tony's symbolization of Maria’s name is perhaps an echo of Shakespeare’s scene where Juliet mulls over Romeo's surname Montague as “that which you call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet."

This police officer keeps an eye on the teen gangs’ goings-on.

“Gee, Officer Krupke” is about this police officer who “misinterprets” lost teens like the Jets.

This is Maria’s own song of expressing to the world that she is in love.

Her friends, meanwhile, lampoon her “I Feel Pretty” feeling with the lines "Have you met my good friend Maria/ The craziest girl on the block?” Nice friends, huh?

Since they have “rules” about the rumble, The Sharks and The Jets talk in this kind of meet-up.

The war council is held to establish “fair play” during their upcoming rumble. Fancy that.

Who is Maria’s best friend and confidante?

Since Anita sounds older and wiser, she dishes advice to Maria, even if the latter doesn’t want it.

This type of worker apparently shows up from time to time to assess the social aptitude of the teens in the neighborhood, mostly The Jets.

While the well-meaning social worker tries to help the boys, the boys are smarter than the adults sometimes.

What is the name of the hot-headed Jet?

Action was played by Tony Mordente.

These boys are members of The Jets, except for this one:

Pepe is Bernardo’s “lieutenant” in their hierarchy in The Sharks.

This tomboy-presenting female is an aspiring member of The Jets.

Anybodys always hangs out with the boys, even during the rumble.

During the rumble, Tony accidentally does this to Bernardo.

Things quickly escalate during a rumble, leading to killings.

What is the main weapon of choice of the warring gangs during the rumble?

Bernardo stabs Riff with a switchblade, and Tony uses this switchblade to stab Bernardo back.

To avenge Bernardo, Chino is rumored to be carrying this while hunting for Tony and the Jets.

While it’s not rare for gangs to have guns, teens of the ‘60s usually deal with each other with fisticuffs and hand weapons, not firearms.

Of all the women who agonizes over Bernardo’s death, it is Anita. What is their relationship?

Anita sings her agony and hate in “A Boy Like That” to Maria.

When Tony is gunned down, Maria sings this signature song.

The song ultimately became a symbol for unification between the warring gangs.

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