We'll Guess What People Love About You If You Describe Your Tattoo Preferences

By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Tattoos are an art form that has existed long before modern civilization. It's an art form that has come a long way from using sticks, bamboo, pins and regular needles, although some cultures still use these. Today, the tattoos you put on your body can tell us a lot about you, including what people admire about you. Whether you're tatted up to your neck in new school or you just have a tribal piece around your arm, we can tell you what others can't get enough of when it comes to you. 

Do people love how traditional you are? While tattoos and being traditional don't usually go together, they may with you. Do people love that you're hip? Are you always in the know with new trends? Do people love your uniqueness? Does being yourself inspire others? Or do people love that you're an artistic person? Does your form of self-expression get people's hearts racing? There's really only one way for you to find out. 

So, if you're a guy or gal who has some awesome ink and you want to know just what it is that people admire about you, take this quiz. We may just inspire you to get a new piece! 

Do you like meeting new people?

What do you want out of a tattoo?

How would you pick your tattoo?

How often do you daydream?

Are you into mustaches?

How often do you text people?

Do you like tribal tattoos?

What would you think of a realistic tattoo of a face?

How relaxed are you usually?

What kind of class would you teach?

How would you work out?

Do you often talk to strangers?

Do you do things just because you are curious?

Be honest, do you feel better than most people?

Where might you be found on a Friday night?

You are the best at...

Did you ever think of being a tattoo artist yourself?

Would you rather win and make people upset, or lose and make people happy?

Do you feel you have to justify yourself to others?

How would you be a public performer?

Would you like people staring at your tattoos?

Are you more practical, or more creative?

Are you thought of as moody?

Where would you go on vacation this winter?

Would you lie to make someone feel better?

What would you most want to do?

Do you get jealous of others?

How often do you take walks in nature?

What do you want in your burrito?

Are Yosemite Sam tattoos cool?

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