We'll Show You Some Photos, You Tell Us What State They Represent

By Bambi Turner on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you know which state is associated with horse racing, NASCAR or the Crimson Tide? Know where to find the home of the King, the Statue of Liberty or the Gateway Arch? Any idea which states are associated with certain foods, like crabs, lobsters, corn and potatoes? Take our quiz to see if you can choose the right state to match the images shown in these photos!

The USA might have united in its name, and while all 50 states may share much in common, they also have some key differences. Traveling along the interstate or crisscrossing the country, you'll learn that each state has its own flavor, its own feel and a culture all of its own. Sure, there are differences in climate and landscape, from big cities to vast wilderness, but there are also cultural differences that can be found in things like food, customs and even clothing.

Beyond these subtle differences, you might also find that the states can be distinguished by certain sites. With landmarks, monuments, historic sites and natural wonders, the U.S. has no shortage of attractions to take in.

Think you know enough about the states to match each one to an image? Take our quiz to find out!

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