We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on These Relationship Questions!

By Jody Mabry on January 18, 2018

About This Quiz

At one time, astrology and astronomy were considered the same science. The stars were used by the Babylonians and later introduced to the Greeks around the 4th century. The Greeks initially used the stars to explain the unexplainable chaos of the world. They soon realized the important role of the stars in predicting seasons and weather patterns. As divine revelations, the stars proved a fantastic source of knowledge in predicting natural disasters, the outcome of a war and of course the affairs of humans. Yes, that means your relationships. 

Your relationship behavior and past can often be attributed to the time of the year you were born. Were you born in December? You are Sagittarius and likely playful, fun and a little impulsive. If you are a Pisces born on February 25, you might be able to teach a course on Shakespeare and romance. 

From a passionate, yet independent Aries to the gentle and loving Taurus, your relationships owe a lot to your zodiac sign. Are you easy to get along with and identify well with strangers or are you stand-offish? The stars might have the questions you've been pondering your entire life. 

Now it's time to see how good we are. You answer these fun relationship questions, and we'll guess which zodiac sign you are!

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