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America is home to some of the biggest airports in the world. In 2018, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was the busiest in the world. It serviced more than 107 million passengers, more than Beijing Capital Airport, which saw about 101 million passengers pass through. Rounding out the top five in the world were Dubai International Airport (89 million), LAX (87.5 million) and Tokyo Haneda International Airport (87 million).

O'Hare International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport were also among the top 15 busiest airports in the world last year, and they both had more than 65 million passengers pass through. You're probably familiar with most of Americas bigger airports, but how about the smaller, more obscure ones? 

America has three times more airports and airfields than the next airport-dense country (Brazil). In fact, if you add up all the airports in countries two through ten, America still has more airports than all these countries combined. 

We're not going to go easy on you and give you any freebies like 'Denver International Airport.' These names, like Deadhorse Airport, require a little more thought. We've picked a range of airports from around the country to challenge you. 

What do you think your airport IQ is? Get started to find out!

Can you name where George Bush Intercontinental Airport is located?

George Bush Intercontinental Airport was named after George H. W. Bush in 1997. George H. W. Bush is from Massachusetts originally, but he spent much of his life in Houston and died there in 2018.


Can you remember which state O'Hare International Airport is in?

O'Hare International Airport is in Chicago. It was also America's third busiest airport in 2017 with close to 80 million passengers. If you're flying internationally to Canada, England or Japan, you'll likely go through O'Hare.


Can you guess which state LaGuardia Airport is in?

It's not surprising that New York City has two of the biggest airports in America. LaGuardia was the 21st busiest airport in America in 2017. If you're flying into the NYC you could also travel through Newark Liberty International Airport, which was America's 11th busiest airport.


Where do you think Logan International airport is?

The full name of this airport is General Edward Lawrence-Logan International Airport, named after a war hero during the Spanish-American War. However, that's kind of a mouthful so it got shortened to Logan International Airport. In 2017, it was the 16th busiest American airport.


Where the heck is Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is located in ... well, Charlotte. It's named after former mayor Ben Elbert Douglas, Sr. In 2016, it's busiest international route was to Cancun. Tequila anyone?


San Juan Airport isn't technically in a state, but can you guess where it is?

​OK, so this airport isn't technically in a state. However, it is in a territory of the United States. Perhaps someday Puerto Rico will become the 51st state. Other territories that could potentially become a state include Guam and the Virgin Islands.


In which state is John F. Kennedy International Airport located?

John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in Queens, New York. It's one of the largest airports in the country, and in 2017, close to 60 million passengers went through. Can you guess it's airport code? Of course it's JFK.


Where in the world is Daniel K. Inouye International Airport?

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is the biggest airport in Hawaii. It's located in Honolulu. It's named after a U.S. Senator and Medal of Honor winner who served Hawaii from 1963 to 2012.


Where can you find McCarran International Airport?

McCarran International Airport is located in Las Vegas. In 2017, it was America's eighth busiest airport with almost 50 million passengers. It's probably a safe bet to say that the majority of those people were rolling into town for the party scene.


Where do you think Mobile Airport is located?

Mobile Airport is a small public and military regional airport that serves Mobile County, Alabama. There's a good chance you've never flown in here unless you're from the area. Its most common destination flights were to Atlanta, Houston and Charlotte.


In which state will you find Ford Airport?

Ford Airport is located in Dickinson County, Michigan. There's only one passenger airline flying out of this tiny airport, Delta Connection. The busiest two routes in 2018 were to Minneapolis and Detroit.


Do you know which 'Portland' Portland International Airport is in?

Portland International Airport is in Portland, Oregon, not Portland, Maine. In 2017, it was America's 30th busiest airport. Where's everybody jetting off to? The most common international destinations were Vancouver, Amsterdam and Tokyo.


In which state is Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport located?

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is the largest airport in Arkansas. There shouldn't be any confusion about who the name airport is named after. Most of us probably remember Hillary Clinton for her second-place finish to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.


John Wayne Airport is in which state?

This airport was named in honor of actor John Wayne in 1979 after he died in nearby Newport Beach. The entrance of the airport is in Irvine, California, and it serves as the primary airport for the Orange County region.


Where could Midway International Airport be?

Midway International Airport isn't as big as O'Hare, however it's still one of the 30 busiest airports in the country. In 2017, the three most traveled international routes were to Toronto, Cancun, and Morelia (Mexico).


General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport is in which state?

General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport was named after a retired United States general from Peoria, Illinois. The airport was named the year after he died of a meningitis infection in 2007.


Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is where?

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is located in the capital of Illinois, Springfield. The busiest routes last year were to Chicago, Dallas and Punta Gorda. The airport's namesake? You guessed it, Abe Lincoln.


In which island state or territory is Molokai Airport located?

Molokai Airport is located on the island in Hawaii with the same name. Molokai is the fifth-largest airport in Hawaii by land mass and has a population of a little more than 7,000 residents. It's not exactly a central hub for international travel but is the easiest port of entry for tourists.


Can you locate Will Rogers World Airport?

This airport is named after comedian Will Rogers who died in a plane crash in Alaska. It had the most traffic of any Oklahoma airport in 2018, ahead of Tulsa International Airport.


We don't want to beat a horse to death, but do you know where Deadhorse Airport is located?

Deadhorse Airport is as far north you can go without leaving the United States. It's located in the small community of Deadhorse, Alaska, which has a permanent population of 25 to 50 residents, along with a few thousand temporary workers.


Where is William P. Hobby Airport?

William P. Hobby Airport is the second biggest airport serving the Houston area. In 1967, the Airport was named after a former Texas governor. The top three destinations for passengers going through this airport are Dallas, Atlanta and New Orleans.


Do you think you could point to Friedman Memorial Airport on a map?

This tiny airport serves the city of Hailey, Idaho. You may not be able to fly to Tokyo from here. However, if you want to go to Salt Lake City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco or Portland, this is your airport.


This is another airport located in an American territory. Where do you think Cyril E. King Airport is located?

Cyril E. King Airport is the busiest airport in the American Virgin Islands. If you're not sure where the Virgin Islands are located, take a look in the Caribbean, just east of Puerto Rico.


Where could Bradley International Airport be?

Bradley International Airport is about halfway between Springfield and Hartford. It's the largest airport in Connecticut. The most common destinations in 2018 were Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte and Chicago.


In which state is McGhee Tyson Airport located?

McGhee Tyson Airport is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you're planning a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, this airport is only about 30 minutes away. Each year, about 2 million passengers pass through this airport.


Can you guess where Yeager Airport is located?

Yeager Airport is close to Charleston, West Virginia. It's named after Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, who flew the first supersonic flight. The most common flights from this airport were to Chicago, Atlanta and Charlotte.


Can you guess in which state Eppley Airfield is located?

Eppley Field is the largest airport in Nebraska and reports serving 10 times as many passengers as all other Nebraska airports combined. In 2018, it served more than 5 million people.


Can you guess where college-operated Easterwood Airport is located?

Easterwood Airport was named after a U.S. Navy Lieutenant in 1940. It's a relatively small, domestic airport operated by Texas A&M University. The top two flights last year were to Dallas and Houston.


Does the name Quad City International Airport ring any bells?

Quad City International Airport is the third-busiest airport in Illinois behind Midway and O'Hare. It serves Moline in Rock Island County. In 2017, the three most common flights were to Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas


Can you guess where Barnstable Regional Airport is located?

Barnstable Regional Airport is located in Cape Cod. it might be a small airport, but there's no shortage of things to do in the area. Check out Martha's Vineyard when you're there! By the way, Martha's Vineyard also has an airport. It was the intended destination of John F. Kennedy Jr. when the plane he was piloting crashed on July 16, 1999. Kennedy, his wife and his sister-in-law perished in the crash.


In which small state is Theodore Francis Green State Airport located?

This airport is named after former Rhode Island Senator Theodore Francis Green. As you would expect, it's not amongst the biggest airports in America. IN 2017, it served only around 4 million people.


Where is Knox County Regional Airport?

Knox County Airport serves the city of Rockland, Maine. Much of the airline traffic here is seasonal. It's reportedly one of Maine's most trafficked airports in the summer when tourists flock to the area.


Where do you think Sawyer International Airport is located?

Have you ever flown out of Sawyer International Airport? Unless you're from Marquette County in Michigan, probably not. The most common route last year was to Detroit with 20,600 passengers making the trip.


Where do you think Bishop International Airport is located?

This airport is located in Flint, Michigan. The most common flights were to Atlanta, St. Petersburg and Chicago. In 2018, this airport saw one of its slowest years in recent memory with a 10% drop in passengers from the year before.


Garden City Regional Airport is located in what state?

Garden City Regional Airport is located in ... Garden City, Kansas. If you've never been to Garden city, it's a small community in western Kansas with fewer than 30,000 people. Check out the zoo if you're ever in the area.


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