We'll Give You the '60s Car Model, You Give Us the Make!

By Heather Cahill on March 28, 2018

About This Quiz

The '60s were filled with some of the most memorable cars in history. They were made by the biggest and best manufacturers ensuring their peak performance on the road or the racetrack. This was the decade of cool rides that got you to your destination in style. Which car of the '60s catches your eye the most?

Can you tell a Ford from a Chevrolet by its model name? What about a Lamborghini from a Ferrari? Do you know an Alfa Romeo from a Range Rover? Maybe even a Volkswagen from a Pontiac? There are so many makes to know, but there are even more models!

Are you able to name the make of the Thunderbird? What about the Cutlass? Can you name the maker of the Road Runner, Mustang or the Super-Bee? All cars need a model name which can vary from words, made-up names or even just numbers!

These cars shaped America and the rest of the world. They were used in pop culture, they won races and they delivered their owners safely to their destinations. Their style impacted the world and defined the decade. So, if you think you know your '60s car makes, take this quiz for a test drive to see what you can score!

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