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About This Quiz

When we say "celebrity," how do you define the word?

There are various ways of becoming a celebrity. Some are accidental while some are intentional. For example, people who achieved some kind of milestone in their life's work might get honored, one way or another, and their product will be known by many people. That could be inventors, scientists, authors or any other kind of artist. 

The intentional celebrities, meanwhile, are those who really seek out the limelight so that their names would become household names, and their images would be easily recognizable anywhere. This is done as a result of their pursuit of a line of work. Being in the entertainment business is an example of this. There are actors, directors, photographers, writers and other people who intentionally create work or do jobs that will propel them into the limelight. The more exposure, the better the celebrity becomes!

But in this quiz, we tossed up the mix, for fun. There are the usual default celebs globally known as entertainers. But there are also those who made it big because of earnest efforts, or made significant contributions to society, one way or another. And of course, there are also the controversial figures in there. 

So go ahead and see the eclectic mix! Start the quiz, now!

Princess Diana, Adele, Emma Watson. Where are they from?

England is home to many wonderful celebrities. These three female examples inspire women today.


Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth. Where did these dudes excel in their sports?

The USA exports its culture in various ways. American sports is one commodity, garnering global fans for athletes.


Natalie Portman, Gal Gadot, Uri Geller. Where did these showbiz people originally hail from?

Israel is home to many wonderful women and men. These three celebs are popular during different generations.


Actor-performers Rose Byrne, Hugh Jackman and Iggy Azalea are from where?

Australians have been making their mark in the international arena. Most of them made it to America first, to do that.


Syrupy sweet and eclectically edgy entertainment talents Justin Bieber, Alanis Morissette and Michael J. Fox are from what country?

There are many Canadian talents in American pop culture that it surprises people sometimes to learn of their true nationality. But it's a hoot to discover!


Which European country do we have to thank for introducing us to Famke Janssen, Anne Frank and Eddie Van Halen?

The Netherlands is the birthplace of these colorful celebrities. Some are accidental celebs like Anne Frank, while the rest are not.


What country is proud to claim Charlize Theron, Trevor Noah and Elon Musk as their own?

South African talents have also crossed over to the USA. And now, the world!


Where did it start for Seal, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Hakeem Olajuwon?

A lot of Nigerian talents find themselves traveling to Europe, specifically the UK, to get better chances. Sometimes, it works.


Great achievers like Keith Urban, Russell Crowe and Sir Edmund Hillary came from which country?

Sometimes, people mistake New Zealand as part of Australia. Nope, these celebs will disagree!


Colorfully controversial figures like Imelda Marcos, Manny Pacquiao and Pia Wurtzbach can be found in which archipelago nation?

The Philippines has a world-class boxer, a Miss Universe and a dictator's wife all co-existing in the present. How cray cray is that?


Dynamic and influential artists like Colin Farrell, Bono and The Cranberries came from which European country?

Ireland is home to many angsty and edgy talents from the music world and the entertainment sector. The Cranberries is one such example.


Ken Watanabe, Akira Kurosawa and Haruki Murakami: Where do you think they hail from?

Japan is an interesting mix of the old and the new. Their celebrities also embody that in their works.


Fighters and performers like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Andy Lau are aplenty in which Asian country?

Hong Kong is home of the action-packed martial arts-heavy films. But they also have dramatic and comedic celebrities.


Past and present pop culture influencers like Alexander Skarsgard, ABBA and PewDiePie come from which country?

Sweden has produced many global talents for generations. These celebrities are famous everywhere!


Pablo Neruda, Augusto Pinochet and David Pizzaro: What Spanish-speaking country are they from?

Chile is home to many writers, thinkers and sadly, a dictator. But they recovered!


Jean Claude Van Damme, Gotye and Agnes Varda. Where were these talented people born?

Belgium is where eclectic celebs come from. From filmmakers to martial artists to musicians, they've got talent indeed!


Good-looking talents like Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem abound in this country. What nation is it?

Spain has a vibrant pop culture. Their cinema has produced talents who are now celebrities in Hollywood.


Controversial global figures like Shakira, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Pablo Escobar came from which South American country?

Colombia is home to a renowned singer, a drug lord and an author, among many others. How about that for a list of celebs?


Nicki Minaj, Wendy Fitzwilliam and Billy Ocean were born in this country. What is it?

Trinidad and Tobago is where some past and current celebs were born. It's a Caribbean nation.


Jean Reno, Eva Green and Marion Cottilard always toast to their native land, which is what?

France has their own vibrant entertainment industry. But it's more seductive sometimes to become a celeb in Hollywood.


Psy, Gong Yoo and Park Chan-wook have international acclaim alright, but they’re also big in their home country. Where is that?

South Korea's celebrities exploded in many places, thanks to K-Pop and Korean movies. Korean television serials are also a hit.


Heidi Klum, Oskar Schindler and Frederick Nietzsche are but three of the most interesting personalities that came from this once-divided nation. What is it?

Germany's celebrities also garner fame in Europe. Some don't feel the need to cross over to the Americas, but we're glad they do!


It may not be obvious that Mila Kunis, Milla Jovovich and Olga Kurylenko came from this nation, but they did! What country is it?

Who would have thought that Hollywood now has a host of beautifully talented Ukrainian celebs? There's something in their really lovely eyes that make their personalities magnetic.


Sean Connery, William Wallace and Rob Roy are but three of the strong and brave men to have come from these lands. What country is it?

Scotland has many great thinkers and doers. They also have great heroes treated as celebrities.


Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi and Confucius are generational representatives of this very hugely populated country. What is it?

China has a great list of actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians and other artistically inclined people. Hey, they invented many things in this world, so they're true celebs!


Anggun, Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Suharto put their country in the global map in different fields. What country is this?

Indonesia has many celebrities who have graced the international stage. But they also have controversial politicians who become celebrities due to other reasons.


Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and Uriah Hall prove that talents abound in this small nation. What country is this?

Jamaica's colorful culture will indeed produce many celebrities ready for the global stage. Hey, it's the home of reggae, mon!


Aristotle Onassis, El Greco and Vangelis were all born in this colorfully rich country. Where is this?

Business magnates and entrepreneurs are also celebrities in Greece. Of course they also have a very, very, very long line of celebrities from the humanities.


South Americans — and the world — love Cris Cyborg, Paulo Coelho and Pele. Where are they from?

Brazil has so many celebrities that have graced the international arena. From soccer greats to mixd martial artists to actors and musicians and authors, they really have it all!


Anna Kournikova, Grigory Rasputin, Leo Tolstoy: What huge country are they from?

Before Russia became Russia, some of their celebrities defected to democratic countries to escape their communist society. But now that the Soviet Union is gone, celebrities there don't need to do that anymore.


Great thinkers and professionals Gregor Mendel, Johann Strauss and Sigmund Freud are from which country?

Austria has always been the home to many well-regarded scientists and philosophers of olden and modern times. They also have a formidable history of musical greats.


Evita Peron, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriela Sabatini: What South American country are they from?

Argentina has produced many celebrities popular in many sectors. They also have a great lineup of beauty pageant contestants.


Frederic Chopin, Marie Curie and Rosa Luxemburg all hail from which European nation?

Poland has always produced highly respected celebrities who are regarded because of their cultural contribution. So it's not just sheer shallow "star power" that happens here.


Influential in their own sectors, Aishwarya Rai, Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi are celebrities from which nation?

India doesn't really need to "export" their entertainment celebrities to the world, simply because they already have a huge following in their homeland. But the global stage is thankful for Indian talents who also cross the mainstream.


Giorgio Armani, Leonardo da Vinci and Monica Bellucci are cultural superstars of which country?

Italy has a lot of celebrities from many industries: entertainment, fashion, food and many more! What's not to love with the Italian brand?


Performers in different stages like Ricky Martin, Miguel Cotto and Luis Fonsi are from which country?

Puerto Rico has been supplying teenage celebrities for decades with the musical vocal group Menudo. Yep, they already have "boy bands" even before the boy band explosion, well, exploded!


Big names like Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh and Tony Fernandes call this country home. What is it?

Malaysian celebrities like Michelle Yeoh and Henry Golding bring their Asian talents to the global stage. The same is true for airline tycoon Tony Fernandes.


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