Can You Name These Candies Without Their Wrappers?

By Staff on May 23, 2018

About This Quiz

Only the truest of candy lovers know candy when they see it, even if it's unwrapped! Most people can only recognize a candy bar by the bright label on the outside, but there are some people who know their way around the candy aisle better than others. These candy experts take a love for treats to the next level, expressing their enthusiasm in all aspects of their lives. 

Candy enthusiasts are great friends to have. They take their friends on factory tours of the best candies, and they always give candy with a gift. Treats are always on the brain of a person with a sweet tooth, and they love to share their sugar addiction with others.  The most committed of candy lovers are innovative with their favorite treats too! Peanut butter brownie bars and M&M-filled cupcakes are counted on at any party from everyone's favorite candy store champion. And no visitor to the home of a candy connoisseur would ever leave without dipping their hand in the candy dish once or twice. Candy lovers are the best friends to have because they love sharing candy as much as they love eating it. 

Do you have the sweetest sweet tooth of all your friends? Take this sugar-coated quiz and see if you are an expert in all things sweet and sugary!

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