If We Show You a Classic Car, Can You Match It to Its Original Engine?

By Robin Tyler on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

There really is nothing better than taking your time looking around a classic car show. These beautiful machines are kept in tip-top condition by proud owners that realize owning such a car is demanding. These beauties need to be shown off, and that takes hard work!

But thank goodness they do put the time, in so car lovers like you and me can see these classics in all their glory. 

Of course, it's not only about those classic lines, pointy tailfins, beautiful rims, or the car's overall stance. 

A classic car is just as much about the parts that cannot be seen as it is about the overall look. And here we are talking about the engine. Some classic cars have monster V8s that drive them. These behemoths not only look incredible but also sound amazing! There is nothing like hearing an American V8 engine rev up. It makes your hairs stand on end. Other classic cars are not as powerful, but that doesn't take away from their style or desirability.

If we show you an image of a classic car, would you be able to identify the original engine in it? It's not that simple. Best you give it a go!

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