We Know Your Age Based on How Adventurous of an Eater You Are

By Teresa M. on March 06, 2018

About This Quiz

Here at the office today, we've been talking about the weird food phenomenon that occurs with age. Remember how you hated broccoli or tuna when you were a kid, but you find yourself ordering them together on a plate now? While our most hated foods around here were things like tapioca, cottage cheese, and the one weirdo that hates brownies, your likes and dislikes will give away your age! 

Some of us were born curious, and we'll try anything once! For others, expanding their palate is akin to asking them to go to work without pants. The kind of eater, the kind of adventurous eater you are will go a long way in helping us to truly know your age. 

Don't get us wrong - we all know that one freakish infant that likes lemon wedges, but our food tastes tend to change with our ages. It's unclear whether our taste sensitivity diminishes or if our bodies simply need different things as it goes through the aging process, but something definitely changes!

Share your favorite foods, your least favorite foods, and the foods you would never put in your mouth with us. Once we have a good picture of your palate's sophistication level, it will be easy for us to know your age! Let's find out. 

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