React To These Situations And We'll Guess How Long Your Hair Is!

By: Zoe Samuel
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Hair is an enormously personal thing, and not just because it grows out of the top of your enormously personal head. Hair has been imbued with all sorts of meaning throughout different cultures. It's about fashion, sure, but it's also about personality, style, and how you present yourself in the wider culture.

Certain types of hair have been favored at different times, sometimes for reasons that make sense - for example, all those big wigs came into fashion in the 1700's because a lot of people had syphilis, and their hair fell out (seriously). Sometimes it was for reasons that are frankly really shameful - for example, some companies still insist on using dress codes that prohibit natural African hairstyles like locs and rolls, though this is changing now.

Ideally, though, hair would be free of all that baggage, and each of us would appreciate our own unique beauty and feel free to do whatever we darn well want (subject to what our God-given mane will agree to do). That means that if we want to go long, we can go long. If we want a fabulous 'fro, then dammit, that's what we should have. If we're all about the sexy bob, so be it. 

Of course, which of these we choose means we'll have to deal with the attendant advantages and problems. From a cold head due to shearing everything off Furiosa-style, to getting your Rapunzel tresses caught in everything (and constantly blocking up the drain), whatever your 'do, you have experienced a whole lot of related do's and don'ts. Tell us about them, and we'll figure out exactly how you're styling that beautiful crown of yours!

Does your hair ever smell?

Have you ever gotten your hair caught in a shredder?

How often do you clog the drain?

Have you ever broken a brush off in your hair?

Do you worry much about dandruff?

Have you ever gone on a job interview and your interviewer had the same hair style as you?

Have you ever had problems with your hair collecting dust, like when you're doing DIY?

How much time do you have to spend on your hair health every day?

Do you have your hair cut because it is convenient?

Do you have your haircut because of a job?

Do people ever ask you for hair care tips?

Would you need a haircut if you joined the military?

Would a corporate job require you to change your hair style?

Can you sit in a convertible without covering your head?

How often do you need to wear a hat to protect your hair?

How often do you get a haircut?

Do people often want to touch your hair?

How often do you worry about hat hair?

How often do you worry about your roots showing?

How often do you worry about the effect the weather will have on your hair?

How often do you worry about split ends?

How much do you spend on conditioner?

How much do you spend on pomade?

How much do you spend on brushes?

How many different devices do you own for styling your hair?

Have you ever gotten your hair caught in a car door?

How much do you spend on hair ties?

How much do you spend on an average haircut?

Does the length of your hair affect its shape?

Do you worry about sweat messing up your hair?

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