If We Give You the Make, Can You Tell Us Which is Not One of the Models?

By J. Reinoehl on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Put the pedal to the metal! We're speeding right along into this quiz! With all the cars in the world, it might be hard pairing all of the makes and models together. Today, we're taking it a step further! With all the pairs that you might know if we give you the make, can you tell us which is not one of the models?

Cars have become such a commonplace thing that many people fail to recognize its significance! Just 150 years ago, people were relying on horses to take them from place to place. This all changed with German inventor, Karl Benz. He is credited with the first real automobile in 1885. While it might be obvious that the brand, Mercedes-Benz was named for him, tons of others would soon follow. 

Germany is known Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. The United States has Ford, FCA, and General Motors. Japan has the ever popular Nissan and Toyota. While these are some of the biggest manufacturers of today, could you identify their makes and models? Even further, could you identify cars that aren't their models? 

Nissan is known for their Murano and Altima while Toyota is known for their Camry. Dodge is known for their Challenger and Charger, but are they also known for their Impala and Traverse? With all the make and model pairs, can you pick which one doesn't belong? There's only one way to find out!

There are thousands of car pairs in the world, and you're here to prove if you can find all the pairs that just don't fit! Are you ready?

Fasten those seat belts! Vroom vroom!

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