Make Some Dessert Choices And We'll Guess Who You Are In Your Friend Group!

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Your dessert choices can say a lot about you. They can tell us things like how sweet you like your food and even who you are in your group of friends. Don't believe us? If you're one of the naysayers and disbelievers, there's really only one way to prove us wrong, and it's by taking this quiz. And if you're one of the people who believe in our ability to correctly tell you who you are in your group of friends and you're curious to find out, you've come to the right place. 

Will your preferences say that you're the boss? Are your choices big and bold like what a boss would eat? Or are they full of fun and sugar like something a clown would like? Maybe the desserts you like don't have much sugar and they're the perfect mix of sweet and somewhat healthy. Are your dessert choices smart like what the intelligent one in a group of friends would choose? We really want to know what your answers will reveal.  

So will that doughnut say that you're the fun one in the group, or will the pavlova say you're the mature one? Let's find out now! 

It's brunch. You had a lovely meal, but now it's time for dessert. What do you order?

You make a Dunkin' Donuts run. What kind of donut would you buy?

Which of these Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors would you eat?

You and your pals go to Magnolia Cupcakes. What'll it be?

You're out at a fancy French restaurant. What do you have for dessert?

You're in Chinatown for dinner. What do you have for dessert?

It's your birthday. What's for dessert?

What dessert do you bring to Thanksgiving?

It's Christmas! What's for dessert?

You're out late. After drinking, someone says you should hit a restaurant for dessert. What'll it be?

What cheap chocolate might you have for dessert on an airplane?

You are given a slice of cake with an assortment of options to drizzle onto it. What do you want?

You're going to a friend's kid's birthday party. What do you bring?

What cookie is your all time favorite?

Which Haagen-Dazs flavor is best?

What kind of Blizzard Treat would you order at Dairy Queen?

Which dessert does strawberry syrup belong on top of?

Which McDonald's shake do you like best?

What McDonald's dessert is the best one?

Which Carvel cake is the best?

Which Latin dessert is your favorite?

Which Turkey Hill ice cream flavor is your favorite?

Which Cold Stone ice cream flavor has your number?

Which Tip Top ice cream is really tip top?

Which chocolate pastry is the best one?

Which of these fancy desserts tickles your fancy?

Which food is the best dessert?

Which of these desserts would make your date night perfect?

What dessert would you make at home, just because?

Which Mister Softee topping hits you in the soft spot?

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