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"It was so good, I almost peed my pants!"

That's how you'll feel after you ace this ultimate "Pretty Woman" quiz! If you want the fairy tale, just like Vivian, look no further.

Starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, the film tells the story of Vivian, a beautiful and witty 'lady of the night' who is hired to be an escort by Edward, a rich workaholic businessman. Their relationship took place on screen but carved a special place in the hearts of millions of Americans, solidifying itself as one of the most popular and successful romantic comedies of all time. Gere's and Robert's chemistry was so natural that they reunited nine years later for the 1999 rom-com "Runaway Bride."

How well do you remember all that on-screen chemistry? Can you recall details like the name of Edward's lawyer? Are you such an ultimate fan that you can remember obscure details like the length of Vivian's legs?

So climb up this tower and take this quiz to see if you're a "Pretty Woman" (or Man) walking down the street!

What instrument does Vivian find Edward playing in the hotel lounge late at night?

Who is the famous singer of the title song, “Oh, Pretty Woman”?

When Vivian joins Edward in his penthouse suite, she promptly unzips her boot and offers him the choice of a red, green, yellow, or gold circle coin ____________. She was out of purple.

When Edward asks Vivian what her name is, she replies…

On their first night together, Vivian lays comfortably on the floor drinking champagne and eating strawberries laughing hysterically at which television show?

When Vivian accompanies Edward to a fancy dinner with James and David Morse, what does Vivian accidentally launch into the air from her plate?

Vivian suggests to Edward that they ‘veg out’ all night in front of the TV. “Be still like vegetables, lay like _____________.”

Mr. Thompson, the manager of the hotel, tells Edward he has a message for him from Vivian, referring to her as his _____________.

What is the name of Edward’s pesky lawyer?

Vivian’s one-piece tank-top/skirt outfit that she was wearing when she met Richard has a white top. What color is the skirt portion?

On which famous street in Beverly Hills does Vivian head out to shop for new clothes?

Who coaches Vivian on dinner table etiquette in advance of her dinner engagement with Edward and the Morses?

What is the name of the song Vivian sings with her headphones on while taking a bubble bath?

When Vivian goes on a successful shopping spree, what does she buy for Edward?

When Vivian first walks into a shop on Rodeo Drive looking for a conservative dress, the sales associates tell her that the clothes are _______________.

On her first night with Edward, Vivian excuses herself to use the bathroom. Edward walks in suspecting her of using drugs, but what is she really holding behind her back?

To where does Edward fly Vivian on a private jet to attend the opera?

When Edward sees Vivian ‘cleaned up’ for the first time waiting for him in the lounge with a black dress and her hair in a long ponytail, he tells her, “You’re ____________.”

In which year was the film released?

Before heading off to San Francisco for the opera, which type of jewelry did Edward put on Vivian?

The role of Vivian was originally offered to which famous actress?

When Vivian calls Kit to tell her where she is, Kit writes the name of the hotel “Reg Bev Wil” on what?

After agreeing to stay for the whole week for $3,000, Edward leaves for work. Which of the following does Vivian NOT do?

The morning after their first night together, Edward notices something completely different about Vivian that he didn’t see during the night. What is it?

When they arrive at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, what does Edward give to Vivian before walking through the lobby?

On their first night together, how does Vivian suggest that Edward break the ice?

When Vivian asks Edward if he has a wife or girlfriend, he replies:

When Phillip makes an advance on Vivian in the Penthouse suite, she struggles to push him off. Who comes to her rescue?

When the old woman at the opera asked Vivian if she liked the opera, Vivian replies, “It was so good, I almost _______________.”

At the end of the movie, Edward asks Vivian, “So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?” She replies:

How much does Vivian try to charge Edward for directions to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel?

In the last scene of the movie, Edward is riding down the street in what mode of transportation?

Following their first night together, Edward asks Vivian how much she would charge for the whole week? He offers $2,000 and she counters with _________.

What designer shoes does Vivian wear with her brown polka-dot dress that she wears to the polo match?

What kind of car does Edward borrow from his lawyer in the opening scene of the movie?

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