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Test your knowledge on this actor's personal life and career in Hollywood!

When was Robert born?

Born to Robert Downey Sr. and Elise Downey.


Where was he born?

He was raised in Greenwich village along with his sister Allison.


What was his father’s involvement with the film industry?

Robert’s father wrote and directed indie films that grew to have an underground following.


Not only was Robert’s father a filmmaker but his mother was also involved in the film industry. What was her occupation in the field?

Robert’s parents were passionate about everything involving the film industry, they instilled their love and passion for the industry early on in Robert’s life.


What was the title of his father’s film where Robert made his first debut?

At only 5 years old his first role was acting as a puppy in the film


How old was Robert when he dropped out of school and moved back to New York?

While living with his father in California he dropped out of high school and decided to moved back to New York to live with his mother.


A long time friend of Robert’s is a very well known musician by the name of Richard Hall, what is the artist/stage name Richard goes by?

They have been friends since early childhood.


What years was he a regular cast member on the popular NBC show Saturday Night Live?

His time on SNL took place in the early years of his acting career.


What was the title of the film where Robert had his first leading role on the big screen?

Downey played a charming womanizer in this romantic comedy that also starred Molly Ringwald.


How old was Robert when he was first exposed and introduced to drugs?

Downey's father was the one actually exposed Robert to the world of drugs by offering his young child a marijuana joint.


What was Robert’s drug of choice during the years where he struggled with addiction?

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug and unfortunately Downey became an avid user for a number of years due to its addictive nature.


When Robert was asked what really pushed his substance abuse over the edge, he explained it was due to playing a party loving character in what movie?

His character in the movie, Jillian Wells, lead a lifestyle that was very similar to that of Robert’s real life, lots of partying, booze and of course cocaine. In Robert’s words, “The character was an exaggeration of myself. Then things changed, and, in some ways, I became an exaggeration of the character.”


What year was he nominated for an Academy Award for best actor?

Robert was nominated for his performance in the movie “Chaplin”, where had the part of portraying Charlie Chaplin at age 19 all the way to age 83. Critics felt that this particular film showcased his ability to accomplish a dramatic range as an actor.


During what year did Robert first become a married man?

He married actress Deborah Falconer.


For how long did Deborah and Robert date before tying the knot?

Sometimes love makes people do crazy things, like get married after only knowing someone for less than 2 months.


What did Deborah and Robert decide to name their son?

Their son, Indio, was born just two years after the couple was hitched.


In 1996, Downey was sentenced to prison due to a drug conviction, how long was the sentence he served?

In June of 1996, police stopped him for driving naked in his Porsche, unfortunately for Robert they also found him in the possession of cocaine, heroin and a handgun thus leading to his arrest.


What year did his first wife, Deborah, file for divorce?

Struggling with addiction and his multiple run-ins with the law soon took their toll on his marriage to Deborah, eventually causing her to want to end it between the two of them.


Eventually in 2005, Robert married another woman by the name of Susan Levin. How many children do they have together?

In 2012 they gave birth to a son, followed by a girl in 2014.


What are the names of Robert and Susan’s two children?

Hollywood parents have tended to be fond of unique names, it seems the trend continued with the Downey’s children.


On what movie set did Robert met his second wife, Susan Levin?

The pair meant since Robert was working as part of the cast of this film and Susan was one of the producers on the set.


In December of 2015, Robert Downey Jr. was pardoned of his drug conviction from 1996 by what California State governor?

Now a days Robert Downey Jr. is regarded as one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. This was a way for the governor to give Robert a clean slate and to be more inline with who is his today, also it helps to be famous (you apparently get special treatment!).


How tall is Robert Downey Jr.?

He appears taller on the big screen then what he actually is!


What TV show was Robert fired from in 2001?

Due to his increased drug related problems the producers of the show ended up giving him the axe.


What iconic singer’s music video did Robert star in?

Though filming was during the time he was incarcerated, Robert was released for one day to complete the project.


In 2008 what happened to Robert when he traveled to Japan for their debut showing of ‘Iron Man’?

In an interview he gave to Newsweek in 2009, apparently when Japanese authorities ran his passport they found it was linked to “some incredible criminal activity”. Robert had not disclosed his history of convictions, thus was treated to multiple hours of interrogation by the authorities. After all this Japanese authorities allowed Downey entry to the country for the premiere but he is now banned for returning to Japan for any reason.


In the beginning of the 80’s what other famous actor was Downey roommates with?

Having a roommate to help pay for rent is always a good idea when you are young and just starting out, especially in Hollywood. These two lived together just as their acting careers were starting out.


Robert Downey Jr. received a Golden Globe when playing a classic detective character. What is the name of that movie where he plays that role?

So far he is the only actor to ever play this role and receive a Golden Globe for his performance.


As of 2016 how many movies has Robert acted in?

Robert is known for is wide range of acting ability hence why he has been about of so many films throughout his career.


Between June 2014 to June 2015, what was Robert Downey Jr.’s estimated earnings?

For 3 years straight (2012-2015) Robert Downey Jr. topped the charts of Forbes list of highest paid Hollywood actors.


According to the media, by 2019 what is the estimated amount Robert Downey Jr. will have been paid for the Marvel movies he has starred in?

Robert is known for being one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood today and with being apart of quite a few Marvel films as of today the millions have added up to that staggering amount.


By 2019 how many Marvel movies has Robert Downey been in as Tony Stark/Iron Man?

Not only has Downey had multiple "Iron Man" films but he has also been in several Marvel comic films such as "Captain America" or "The Avengers".


Robert Downey Jr. is a student of what type of kung fu?

He claims that becoming involved in martial arts was something that helped him maintain his sobriety along with the love and support of his family and friends.


In 2000, when he encountered police and was busted in a Palm Springs hotel room with cocaine, what female superhero costume was he wearing?

I don’t think even Downey has a real explanation for why he chose that particular outfit…


As of 2016, how many years has Downey been sober?

The famous actor has maintained sobriety since 2001.


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