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Two mean step sisters, one glass slipper...do you remember how this story ends?! It's time to take the ultimate Cinderella quiz now! Think you have what it takes to ace it?

In which year did the original Cinderella movie premiere?

Cinderella was released on February 15, 1950 in Boston and March 4, 1950 elsewhere in the US.


"Bibbidi, Bobbidi, ______"

This song was performed by The Fairy Godmother.


"A _______ is a wish your heart makes."

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes is performed by Cinderella.


"Oh, Sing Sweet ___________."

"Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale" appears on the 4th disco of the Classic Disney: 60 Years of Musical Magic disc set.


Cinderella is based on the fairy tale ______.

Cendrillon was written by French author Charles Perrault.


Cinderella's father remarries a woman named __________.

Cinderella's father was a widow.


Lady Tremaine had two daughters, Drizella and _________.

Lady Tremaine, like Cinderella's father, was also a widow.


Cinderella's father ______ and Lady Tremaine starts treating Cinderella poorly.

Her true colors are revealed and all she cares about are her own two daughters, not Cinderella.


Cinderella is a ________ Production.

Cinderella was produced by Walt Disney and originally released by RKO Radio Pictures.


Cinderella was Disney's greatest hit since this 1937 film...

Pinocchio came out in 1940, but was not as successful as Snow White.


"Once upon a time in a _________ land..."

"...there was a tiny kingdom; peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition." This is the opening line to Cinderella, recited by the narrator.


Instead of the aristocrat she should have been, Cinderella is forced into becoming a ________.

She must serve her step-family.


Where does Cinderella live?

She's on the family property but there is no glamour up in the high tower.


Who does Cinderella befriend up in the high tower where she lives?

Despite Cinderella's living situation, she stays hopeful and dreams of one day having a better life.


What does Cinderella make for her new friends?

She makes them clothing!


Who is the King's right-hand man?

They don't always see eye-to-eye, but the King is always right!


What does the King hope for his son, the Prince?

The King wants grandchildren too!


How does the King intend to find his son a wife?

The Grand Duke initially opposes the idea because he does not believe in rushing the Prince into marriage.


"Every eligible _______" is to attend the Grand Ball.

A maiden is an unmarried young woman!


What is the name of the Stepmother's cat?

Lucifer is always after Cinderella's mice friends, especially Gus.


Cinderella's two main mouse friends are Jacque and _____.

Gus is a round little mouse who got stuck in a mouse trap until Cinderella helped free him!


Gus is just a nickname, what is his real name?

Cinderella made him some clothes and they gave him a new name Octavius!


When Cinderella serves her Stepsisters tea, what do they find in one of the teacups?

Gus was trying to hide from Lucifer, but now the Stepmother demands Cinderella does more chores.


Cinderella can go to the Grand Ball if she completes her chores and if she ___________.

The Stepmother knows full well that Cinderella will never have anything suitable to wear!


Who makes Cinderella her ball gown?

She thinks she won't be able to finish the dress on time, but her friends surprise her with the finished dress ready for her to wear!


Who ruins Cinderella's dress?

They pull off her blue beads and destroy the whole dress right off of her.


Who comes to save the day and makes sure that Cinderella can go to the ball?

The Fairy Godmother appears to Cinderella who is crying out in the garden.


What does the Fairy Godmother turn into a coach?

Cinderella will use this as a mode of transportation to the Grand Ball!


Four of the mice turn into _______ to help pull the coach for Cinderella.

The Fairy Godmother turned the farm horse into a coachman, and the family dog into a footman!


Who is the Prince most excited by at the Grand Ball?

When he sees her, he leaves all of the other maidens to go dance with Cinderella.


The Fairy Godmother warned that Cinderella will return to normal _________.

Specifically at the 12th chime of midnight!


As she runs away from the Prince at the stroke of midnight, what does Cinderella leave behind?

It falls off as she runs down the steps of the palace.


Who insists that Cinderella try on the glass slipper?

The Grand Duke is under strict orders that "every maiden" must try on the glass slipper.


The maiden who fits the glass slipper will ________.

The Stepmother locks Cinderella in her room and tells the Grand Duke there are no more maidens in the household - until Cinderella is freed by her mice and bird friends and comes to ask if she can try on the slipper too!


Cinderella and the Prince live _______.

The mice and birds are thrilled for Cinderella as she rides off into the future with the Prince.


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