This "Yes or No" Quiz Will Reveal Which Day This Year Will Be Your Absolute Best

By Teresa M. on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Our exciting game of "Yes or No" is going the reveal the day of the year you will consider your very best. Your focus in life could be on your career, or it could be about love. No matter what you are looking for in life, this year is sure to bring it right to your door. The question is - when? When is all the good stuff going to happen to you? 

Throughout this "Yes or No" quiz, we will want to know about your personality, your love life, and the things that make you spring out of bed in the morning. The things you are passionate about will point us toward the calendar to predict the day you will find life-changing. 

Remember that you can only answer yes or no. Even if you are struggling with the 50/50 choice, try to choose the answer that you find the most reasonable. By keeping the answers so simple, our powers of prediction will remain uncluttered.

You might want to pull up the calendar app on your phone when you take this quiz. Telling us a little about your plans will help clarify the way time is going to work in your favor. Let's find out which day you should look forward to the most!

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