This Word Association Test Will Reveal Which Disney Princess You Are!

By Teresa M. on March 26, 2018

About This Quiz

With so many legendary Disney princesses having graced the screen, it's impossible not to imagine yourself as one of them! At some point in life, everyone has dreamed of having a fairytale story and a prince to call their own. With our Word Association Test, you'll get to find out exactly which one you are at heart! 

Word Association tests have long been used for various types of psychological evaluation. While we promise not to make you lay down on our couch or send you a bill, we will evaluate your word associations for aspects of your personality, your education, and your lifestyle. Once we get a good feel for the way your mind works, we'll pair you up with the Disney princess you have the most fundamental traits in common with. You might think you are most like Cinderella, but your Word Association test results may hold clues to you being a more modern princess like Tiana. 

We'll give you a word in all capital letters, but we promise we are not yelling. Once you choose the word you associate most with our word, we think we'll know you well enough to tell you which Disney princess you are most like! Let's find out! 

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