Take This Simple Yes Or No Quiz And We'll Guess If You'll Be Engaged By The End Of The Year!

By: Tori Highley
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About This Quiz

Drunk in love, or just drunk? When you first fall in love, marriage might not be the first thing on your mind. But as your love grows, and your relationship builds, a proposal starts to sound like the best idea ever! If you are wondering if your partner will ever pop the question, you should make sure that you both are really ready for a great marriage. 

Getting married to your sweetheart means having a loved one for life, but that isn't all that a marriage is about. Beyond love and happiness, marriage means waking up every day committed to loving and supporting the person next to you, no matter how they change or what life throws at you. And marriage isn't the right choice for everyone. But for the ones that it works, it is a lifelong blessing. 

You and your hunny are already in love; that much is obvious! From your levels of support and hints of strange behaviors, we can tell you if you and your partner are ready for the big proposal this year. With simple yes or no questions, you can see if you should keep your manicure perfect this year. If you are wondering about the next big step with your beloved, take our quiz! 

Do you and your sweetheart agree on where to live?

Has your hunny dropped hints about needing your ring size?

Have your parents started asking when it's going to happen?

Do you have a big romantic vacation planned this year?

Has your sweetheart been snooping around your jewelry box?

Has your partner upped their style factor?

Have you guys been discussing your dream home recently?

Do you guys love exploring new restaurants and shops together?

Do you and your lover you own any pets together?

Are you first on each other's emergency contacts?

Has your partner surprised you with little gifts recently?

Have you and your partner been compromising on decisions recently?

Has your partner taken a deeper interest in your hobbies?

Do you know your lover's favorite drink order by heart?

Does your partner value your handmade gifts for them?

Does your hunny get along with your family well?

Do you like to text each other little greetings throughout the work day?

Has your partner been more passionate lately?

Do you know what their life long goals are?

Has your beloved been keeping their phone away from your view?

Have a lot of your mutual friends become engaged recently?

Does your bae react cynically to the engagements of your friends?

Does your partner sound excited to go to other peoples' weddings?

Do you ever catch your sweetheart gazing at you?

Do you participate in activities just to see your loved one happy?

Does your loved one ever surprise you at work with your favorite drink?

Do you ever come home to a romantic meal for two?

When you are making a big decision, do you ask your partner for input?

Does your partner dance in the kitchen with you?

Are you truly in love with your beloved?

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