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Enter Bikini Bottom, where jellyfishing and eating a crabby patty are everyday activities. Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and a host of other sea creatures try to keep SpongeBob in line.

How many mattresses does SpongeBob sleep on?

Not sure why a sponge would even need a mattress. He sleeps "piled high" next to Gary, his pet snail.


What does the Magic Conch do?

The Magic Conch functions like a Magic 8-Ball. SpongeBob and Patrick believe in its power, but Squidward does not.


There is a recurring character who yells this in many episodes...?

It's a common fish named Fred who yells this randomly. He is usually wearing brown pants and a belt.


What board game do SpongeBob and Patrick like to play that is like Chutes & Ladders?

They are playing this game when they erupt in a slew of curse words. Patrick calls these words "Sentence enhancers."


What favorite activity do SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks have in common and is featured in many episodes?

In "Karate Choppers," Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob for his obsession with karate. He is rehired, however, when Krabs sees that SpongeBob can karate chop ingredients for the Crabby Patties at the restaurant.


Who is "Painty the Pirate"?

He is a cartoon rendition of a pirate in a painting, with real live lips that sing the opener. He is voiced by Patrick Pinney who has also played small parts in a few episodes.


SpongeBob and friends are part of the Internation Justice League of Superacquaintances. What is Squidward"s new identity?

He yells "Krakatoa!" and lava erupts from his head. Water is his weakness.


What exclamation is made regularly?

Mr. Krabs often uses this comment. Barnacle is also referenced in characters' names and products: Barnacle Chips, Bob Barnacle, Barnacle Man, and Barnacle Loaf.


When Mr. Krabs says to Squidward he smells "a smelly smell," to what is he referring?

Several buses drop off loads of Anchovies looking for food. SpongeBob is immediately hired as a fry cook to keep up with the orders.


What causes SpongeBob's deadly breath?

The smell is so bad that it runs everyone out of town. It is made of onions, ketchup, and a peanut plant (and the dirt it grew in).


How much does SpongeBob charge Patrick to blow a bubble?

SpongeBob teaches Patrick the art of bubble blowing which requires some fancy moves. Squidward becomes annoyed when his own attempts fail.


Who is one of the main news reporters for Bikini Bottom?

Johnny Elaine, the Realistic Fish Head, is often the news anchor.


Who was NOT a nemesis of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy?

In the episode "The Bad Guy Club for Villains," the antagonists band together in a lost episode of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.


Who is Squilliam?

Squilliam is an antagonist going back with Squidward to high school. He tries to best Squidward in several episodes such as "Band Geeks," "Squilliam Returns," and "House Fancy."


Who has a twin brother, Randy?

Sandy gets a letter from her brother in Texas telling her she needs to come home to defend her rodeo. He never makes an appearance in the episode.


What state is Sandy from?

Her southern accent gives her away. She likes rodeos and is handy with a rope.


What are the first words Bubble Buddy speaks?

He defends himself when Squidward wants to pop him. He leaves Bikini Bottom in a cab and says, "Things are getting weird around here."


Which establishment has a robotic waiter?

The waiter can determine if someone is a "weenie" or not. The robot adds, "You can't hide what's inside."


What is the name of the exclusive bar SpongeBob tries to get admitted to?

Sandy is able to get into the bar because of her toughness. Sponge Bob stages a fight to look intimidating.


What does Plankton want to transform his restaurant the Chum Bucket into?

The store sells knick-knacks, lava lamps, and snow globes, among other items. The episode "New Leaf" presents Plankton attempting to change his evil ways.


What does Sandy wear on the outside of her underwater helmet?

This is the only feminine trait about her. She is the brain and brawn of Bikini Bottom.


SpongeBob invests in an "Anchor Arm" to show he's strong for a muscle competition. What styles does it come in besides "Normal"?

The blow-up arm impresses others at first. However, it backfires when it's only good for show, and he is unable to lift anything heavy.


In the episode called "Sailor Mouth," SpongeBob and Patrick use bad language throughout that is masked by what sound?

Sponge Bob discovers bad words scrawled on the dumpster behind the Krusty Krab. He continues to use the words without understanding their meaning and impact.


What is the name of Plankton's wife?

Karen is Plankton's computer. She appears in over 100 episodes and refers to her husband by his first name, Sheldon.


What is Mr. Krabs' first name?

Mr. Krabs is called Eugene by his arch-nemesis, Plankton, and his mother. His middle initial is "H".


What is Bubble Bass' special skill?

Bubble Bass tries to deceive SpongeBob into thinking he has lost his ability to make Crabby Patties, by convincing him he left out the pickles. Bass hides the pickles under his tongue and is called out.


What responsibility is Mrs. Puffs reluctant to give to SpongeBob?

Much to everyone's annoyance, SpongeBob gets carried away with this job. He has a uniform and keeps watch 24 hours a day.


What is the name of the rest home where Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy live?

SpongeBob frequents Shady Shoals to visit residents, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Not to be confused with Salty Shoals, which houses a museum.


In the "F.U.N. Song," what does the "U" stand for in Plankton's version?

In Plankton's version, the "F" is fire that burns down the entire town and the "N" stands for no survivors. In SpongeBob's version the "F" is for friendship; the "U" for you and me; the "N" is for anywhere and anytime.


What kind of creature is Pearl, the daughter of Mr. Krabs?

Pearl appeared in over 100 episodes. There is no mention of who Pearl's mother might be.


In the episode "Band Geeks," what is the name of the song performed to a stadium of adoring fans at the Bubble Bowl?

This begins as a "Bad News Bears" band under Squidward's leadership. Much to Squilliam's chagrin, they are able to perform when the pressure is on.


What famous pair voiced the young Mermaid Man and young Barnacle Boy?

Adam West and Burt Ward played the dynamic duo Batman and Robin in the 1960s TV series "Batman." The regular characters of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy were played by Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway.


In which episode is a Tiny Tim song ("Living in the Sunlight") featured?

"Help Wanted" was the first episode of Season 1. It's the only Tiny Tim song used on the shows.


"Happy Days" stars Marion Ross and Henry Winkler have voiced characters. Who were they?

Marion Ross has been in several episodes as Grandma Squarepants and loaned her voice for other cartoons and video games. Sharkface resembles the Fonzie character -- with leather jacket and greased hair -- played by Winkler in "Happy Days."


Who is the voice behind The Flying Dutchman?

Murray played the Flying Dutchman from 1999-2011. The character was sent to the "Void" at the end of the "Ghoul Fools" episode in Season 8.


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