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Welcome to the true north strong and free! Canada has a long history starting with indigenous peoples who lived in the lands before anyone else. Canada has its own ways of doing things, and there are many things that the country is known for. How much do you know about the land in the North?

Do you know what the meaning of the name "Canada" is? How many famous Canadian authors, celebrities or politicians can you name? Do you know what inventions were made in the country? Could you hold a conversation using Canadian slang? You studied your Canadian history, eh?

Do you know some of the brands and companies that you can only find in Canada? What about the unique Canadian holidays that are celebrated throughout the country? Do you know your Canadian landmarks, buildings and cities? If you got those, can you tell us how many provinces and territories there are? You might know the basics, but let's see how well you really know the country!

Canadians will have no trouble with this, but everyone else may have to study up! If you think you're an expert on all things Canadian, take the quiz to see if you can be an honorary Canuck.

What is the capital city of Canada?

Ottawa, Ontario is the capital city of Canada. It is also home to the federal government for the country, which is known as Parliament Hill.


Who represents the Queen of England in Canada?

The Governor General of Canada is the representative of the Queen in the country. The Governor General's job is to act on behalf of the Queen, which can involve anything from signing off on documents or carrying out ceremonial duties.


Which of the following Indigenous groups are from Canada?

The Métis are one of the indigenous groups in Canada, along with the Inuit and First Nations. The aboriginal peoples in Canada have a long history dating back to over 12,000 years ago.


What is the name of the world's longest skating rink found in Canada?

The Rideau Canal is the world's longest skating rink which is found in Ontario. The canal is over 200 kilometers long and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


What does it mean to "chirp" someone?

In Canada, chirping someone means to make fun of them. When used in a sentence, you could say: "Kyle chirped Marcus the other day."


How many provinces are there in Canada?

There are ten provinces in Canada which include Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Did you know that the last province to join the country was Newfoundland in 1949?


Before it became Canada Day, what was the day called?

Canada Day was previously known as Dominion Day, before the country started going by just Canada. Despite the change in name, the occasion is still celebrated on the same day, July 1.


Which of the following is a famous Canadian painter?

A.Y. Jackson was a famous Canadian painter who was part of the famous group, The Group of Seven. It included seven Canadian painters who specialized in landscapes.


Which of the following is a national sport in Canada?

Lacrosse is one of the country's national sports along with ice hockey. Lacrosse is known to be the national summer sport, while hockey is the national winter sport.


What will you only find in Ontario?

Bagged milk is found in Ontario and other select places around the country. It may seem odd, but it's a very popular option for Canadians! Some dairies in the U.S. have dabbled with this, but it's far from common.


What condiment is also a chip flavor in Canada?

Ketchup is a flavor of chip in Canada that you won't find almost anywhere else. Most commonly offered by Lay's, the chips do not have real ketchup on them but they do have the flavor.


What is a BeaverTail?

A BeaverTail is a pastry that is sold in Canada at Beavertail stands. The food comes in many different flavors, but the original flavor comes with cinnamon sugar.


If you went to a Roots store, what would you find?

Roots is a Canadian clothing store known for its high quality sweaters and sweat pants. Its logo also includes the national symbol of Canada, the beaver!


What is the name of the Canadian national anthem?

"O, Canada" is the name of the Canadian national anthem. It was adopted in 1980 although the original song, written in French was made in the 1800s.


What is the money in Canada made from?

Canadian money is made from plastic and it's known for being very colorful. The money has been subject to melting rumors, but this has been debunked by the Royal Canadian Mint.


The name "Canada" means what?

Canada gets its name from the Iroquois word, "kanata" which means "village." There is an area in the country which is called "Kanata" with the proper spelling.


What is a Chesterfield?

A Chesterfield is the name for a couch in Canada. Although Chesterfield is the name of a specific couch, it is commonly used as a blanket term for different brands of couches as well.


Where would you go to experience the famous Stampede?

Calgary is home to the famous Calgary Stampede. The Stampede has been around since the 1800s and continues to be a popular festival among Canadians today.


How many territories are there in Canada?

There are three territories in Canada, which are Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. The last of the territories to join was Nunavut in 1999.


Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?

John A. Macdonald became the first Prime Minister of Canada in 1867. He also took office again in 1878 and served for another 13 years.


When is Remembrance Day?

November 11 is the day that Remembrance Day takes place in Canada. The day is used to pay respects to the veterans and soldiers who fought and continue to fight for the country.


Which game show host is from Canada?

Alex Trebek is from Sudbury, Ontario. He is best known as the host for "Jeopardy!" although he has hosted many other game shows as well.


Which sport was invented by a Canadian?

Basketball was invented by a Canadian in the 1800s. The inventor's name was James Naismith and he used a peach basket for the nets.


What is a two-four?

A two-four is a case of 24 beers. Two four can also be used when referring to Victoria Day, which is often called "May Two Four" by many Canadians.


Which company did Alexander Graham Bell found?

Alexander Graham Bell founded the company Bell, which is still in operation today. They provide cellphone, internet and television service to Canadians.


Where is the Ogopogo said to live in Canada?

The Ogopogo is said to live in Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. The Ogopogo is similar to the Loch Ness monster as it is an underwater snake-like creature.


What are Smarties?

Smarties are candy that is similar to M&Ms. They are chocolate that's covered in a candy coating, and they also have a few different colors than M&Ms do.


What is on the Canadian flag?

There is a red maple leaf on the Canadian flag with a red bar on each side of it. This version of the flag was adopted by the country in 1965.


Which of the following is a Canadian author?

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian author who writes short stories and poems. She is best known for works such as "The Handmaid's Tale," "The Door" and "Happy Endings."


What are mounties?

Mounties are law enforcement of the federal level in Canada. Did you know that before they were called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they were called the Dominion Police?


When was the name Canada officially adopted?

The name "Canada" became the official name of the country in 1982, which meant that it dropped the dominion title. In contrast, the first time that Canada was recognized as a name for the country in documents was in the 1700s.


What sport is Don Cherry known for?

Don Cherry is known for his involvement in hockey. He is a retired player who is known as a commentator on "Hockey Night In Canada."


Which coffee shop is Canadian?

Tim Hortons is the name of a Canadian coffee shop. The chain is extremely popular in the country and they're known for their Timbits and coffee such as the "double-double."


What was invented in Canada?

Insulin was invented in Canada in 1921 by Frederick Banting, The invention has been a life saving one globally for many people living with diabetes.


Canadians are famous for saying what?

Canadian's are famous for their use of the word "Eh." The word is commonly used at the end of sentences, typically in similar meaning to the word "right?"


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