Can You Pass This Tough Quiz About Life As An American?

By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

The United States is a unique and interesting country. It's home to people, places and things like no other country. From the beginning of its history up to today, there is so much to know and learn. How many uniquely American facts do you know? Let's put your knowledge to the test!

Do you know what a "John Hancock" is? Can you name the United States national anthem? Think you can name the largest city in the country? If that's too easy for you, do you know who is depicted on the American quarter? You'll need to have knowledge on all things American to ace this quiz!

Can you name the second president of the United States? Do you know some of the most influential Americans in history? How well do you know your American companies? Maybe you know the answers to these questions, but can you name the college sport that is popular in the country? The answers may not be what you think!

Geography, history and even fun facts about America might stump you on this quiz! If you had an easy time answering the questions above, then you'll ace this. Take the quiz to see how well you know the nation!

Which of the following would you find in a can in America?

What does a Red Solo Cup usually hold?

If you're jonesing for something, what are you doing?

Who is depicted on the quarter?

If someone asks for your "John Hancock," what should you give them?

The second president of the United States was who?

When is Independence Day?

Which retail store is only found in the United States?

Which company is known for manufacturing agricultural equipment?

Which mountain has four faces carved into it?

Which of the following is the capital of country music?

If you order a drink at a restaurant, what will most likely come in it?

Which of the following is not a correct value of a bill in the United States?

Who is on the United States $100 bill?

When is Labor Day in the United States?

What is the name of the game where players kick the ball and try to score by kicking it into the net?

Who is Walt Whitman?

What was the last state to join the country?

What is not included on American price tags?

What system of measurement is used in the United States?

What is California's state animal?

If you go to a restaurant in America, what are you most likely to see?

What is the name of the national anthem?

Which game played by college kids is extremely popular in the United States?

The oldest running newspaper in the country is what?

Which of the following is a symbol of America?

In America, you can't drink until you reach what age?

Which of the following is known as an American dessert?

Before leaving a restaurant in America, what do you typically do?

The largest city in the United States is what?

Which state is not part of the Four Corners Monument?

Who was John Quincy Adams?

Who designed the American flag?

If you have Benjamins, what do you have?

Which city is know as the "City of Angels"?

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