The Way You Eat These Foods Will Reveal How Long You've Been Single

By Zoe Samuel on March 26, 2018

About This Quiz

Being single isn't a single state, but a process. There are the first few months of singledom, in which you celebrate your freedom and perhaps let certain household chores slide because no one is watching you. Soon, these treats become habits, and other things begin to change. By the time you're leaving your clothes to dry in heaps on every chair in the house, you've been single long enough, and it's time to reassess things.

Sherlock Holmes could glean a person's occupation from his shoes, their hometown, their fingernails, their tastes in music, and from their hairstyle. Out focus will be much narrower. We intend to determine, to the day, how long you have been single. We will do this without talking to your friends, perusing your social media, or even looking at you. We will determine this entirely through one habit which changes with time spent on the meat market: your eating.

How fast you eat says something about how you habitually satiate your desires. What you eat says something about the quality of the people you surround yourself with. How you approach a meal says something about your ability to negotiate, breaking down a problem and taking it on piece by piece.

So spend a meal with us, and we'll tell you how long you've been single, from how you eat!

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